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The task of the instructor is to encourage students’ inquiry and development as individuals, not to bestow information on them. Our task is to assist in the creation of learning communities in which students feel comfortable, respected, and challenged. We should make every effort to assist students in realizing their dreams and goals.”
“Math education has utterly traumatized so many students. Consider how many adults say that they “can’t do math” or aren’t a “math guy.” I decided to teach math in order to break the cycle and demonstrate that all students can and should learn math. All students should be able to see themselves in mathematics and feel like they belong there. Besides, math is entertaining!”
She saw firsthand how diverse cultural, historical, and sociopolitical backgrounds affect the educational institutions that these groups represent, from Breakthrough Collaborative in Birmingham, Alabama, to Brown University Teaching Experience for Undergraduates in Providence, Rhode Island.

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My research focuses on the political, economic, and social determinants of health, as well as health policy and governance. As a study, I’ve published nearly two dozen peer-reviewed articles and the book The Role of Civil Society in the Global HIV/AIDS Response. Gender-based analyses of health crises and responses, commercial determinants of health, human rights, participatory approaches, and feminist theory are among her research interests. In North America, Europe, and Africa, I’ve worked on health and development programs.

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Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and investor at Greylock, hosts the original podcast Masters of Scale. Reid demonstrates how businesses expand from zero to a billion dollars in each episode, putting his ideas to the test with legendary business leaders. Masters of Scale is the first American media show to make a commitment to gender equity among its guests.
In this episode, we discuss:
Mark Cuban offers valuable insight into the characteristics that investors want in a founder, as well as what entrepreneurs can seek in return. Only the right value exchange, he claims, will enable a company to scale new heights.
“I believe you should first be human,” Reid says. Building one-on-one relationships with your customers isn’t quick or simple, but it can help you scale and, more importantly, stay there.”
Reid’s theory: “I assume that in order to navigate on a large scale, you must first locate – and then maintain – ‘true north.'” Create simple markers that point back to the founding principles. When you’re on the verge of getting lost, they’ll show you the way.”

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