Joomla export users

Joomla export users

Export joomla users and user-profile fields to excel or csv

Some websites don’t have much content, but they have a huge number of visitors. Charity websites, political websites, and some subscription websites are examples of such websites. It is more cost-effective and time-consuming to re-create the website from the ground up in Joomla 2.5 (rather than migrating from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5), and then re-create the content on the new website.
Re-creating the website is normally not a concern since the content is usually scarce. However, since re-creating its users can be difficult when there are many, these users should be migrated automatically.
Installing an extension named userport (try googling “userport joomla”) on both the old (Joomla 1.5) and current (Joomla 2.5) websites is the simple way. This extension will let you export your users from your old website to a CSV file, which you can then import into your new website.
Obviously, the advanced method would take more time, particularly if your technical knowledge is lacking – but if you do have solid technical knowledge, it should only take a few minutes of your time!

Export joomla users & joomla contacts to excel or csv file

ARRA User Export Import is a Joomla! native back end component that lets you export and import Joomla! users.

Export joomla users and user-profile fields to excel or csv

It’s simple to use and manage; you won’t have to worry if your database includes thousands of Joomla! users because ARRA User Migrate can handle it!
Typo3 has a completely different data set, so I needed a good tool or I’d be stuck with some serious SQL statements all night. ArraUserMigrate was bought. It allowed me to build new User Account fields so that the two data sets could be matched. It’s fine!
To import a list of users and email addresses into a 2.5 web, I simply needed something simple. All worked well and the instructions were easy to follow. The program then sent an email to of new registered user with their username and password, which I was pleased to see.

Export joomla users and contacts fields to excel or csv

Let’s take a look at how to do it. For example, we have a file with users from a third-party website that we need to add to our Joomla website as users. Since we need to update users every week, we can use the “Profiles” feature.
After that, we’ll see dynamic variables of matched columns after pressing the “Add Matched Fields” button. Simply click on any of the above variables to insert it. Tip: If the “Matched Fields” popup is void, it means that the file’s columns haven’t been matched with Joomla fields. As a result, start with the columns.

Import joomla users (and contacts data) from excel or csv

In any case, this website had nearly 1000 Joomla users who needed to be moved to WordPress in preparation for a redesign. I did some research and calculated that I would lose the user’s password. Not at all! I was able to migrate the Joomla users to WordPress with 100% compatibility, including saving their password, thanks to a (not so well documented) plugin. All of the correct user information was saved, including the user’s name, username, password, and date of registration.
Background information: Changing a Joomla domain to a WordPress site. Users from Joomla had to be exported and imported into WordPress. I used Joomla 1.5.9 and WordPress 3.4 in this tutorial, but the process is the same with most other versions.
Check the boxes for exporting name, username, email, and breaking name into first and last names at the very least. Check the boxes for Password and Registered Date under Additional Fields to Export.
Install the WordPress plugin “Import Users from CSV” on your WordPress site. An “example.csv” file can be found in the files of this plugin. To see how your Joomla exported CSV should be formatted, look at the included export example. In Excel, open your CSV file with Joomla users and format it as shown in the example.

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