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The touch lamp; a neat idea, and older than you’d

Available episodes: http://www.educatorslead.com/Newest firstOldest first 15th of January, 2018136: Tim Elmore | As students take charge of their own learning, they are more likely to be creative | Marching Off The Map: How To Teach And Lead Generation Z | Cross-Generational Leadership | Habitudes: Leadership Attitudes And Habits Dr. Tim Elmore is the President of Growing Leaders, a nonprofit leadership development and training agency that prepares students to be leaders in their schools, neighborhoods, and, eventually, careers. Tim assists the generation’s founders, including parents, educators, mentors, coaches, and employers. Tim is also the author of over 30 books, including:
Educators Lead is a podcast aimed at assisting educators in their transition to the next level of leadership. If you’re interested in serving as an assistant director, principal, superintendent, teacher, or someone who aspires to be a school leader one day, this show is for you. Educators Lead is a book that will provide you with motivation and practical guidance to help you lead more effectively. Jay Willis speaks with school leaders about why and why they decided to step into school leadership, the difficulties they faced along the way, and the stories that make it all worthwhile. Educators Lead is a fantastic resource for any educator trying to make a bigger difference in the classroom.

In defense of the cfl: a retrospective

Daniel Bauer hosts the Better Leaders, Better Schools podcast.

Brown; color is weird

The BETTER LEADERS BETTER SCHOOLS podcast was created for education’s RUCKUS MAKERS — those out-of-the-box school leaders who are pushing progress.
Since its inception in 2015, this category-defining educational leadership podcast has assisted over 1 MILLION leaders in LEVELING UP. DANIEL BAUER, the host, has a chat with a leadership expert every week and invites you to listen in. Turn your daily commute, tasks, or workout into professional growth, and then RUCKUS!

Holograms, lasers & boredom; the ced’s march towards

We’ve all heard the horror stories about how social media is cruel, malicious, and unproductive in schools. This isn’t correct! Please bring your wireless device and join us for a constructive, collaborative, engaging discussion about the benefits of social media in the classrooms, colleges, and district. The topics of discussion will range from specific policies to how to use free, secure social media applications in your schools. Why aren’t you knocking down those walls in 2015?

The vhs cassette was more clever than beta

We’ve all been in that situation. Another Professional Development day, another day to fear because of the horrors of Professional Development in the past. Another day with a rash of staff call-outs, another day where we aren’t assisting our students in their growth. Wouldn’t it be great if teachers could LEARN and LEAVE HAPPY on the same day? A professional learning day for teachers where they can TURN KEY knowledge into effect THE NEXT DAY? A day when we can all develop, learn, and progress in our educational pursuits?
Is this a little too cheesy for you?
Do you believe this isn’t possible in your district?
Take a look at what educators from 37 states and Canada have to say: “Jay Eitner has the ability to change the game.
His professionalism, insight, and explanations were critical in assisting me in implementing improvements in our district.”
Let Eitner Education help you achieve your goals for your classroom, school, or district, whether it’s a simple workshop for your staff or designing a long-range master plan with goals.
We have a wide range of educational improvements to cater to students of all ages, districts, and budgets. Please contact us for more information about how we can assist you in growing, learning, and progressing.

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