Iphone repeatedly disconnects/reconnects

Iphone repeatedly disconnects/reconnects

Fix iphone, ipad keeps disconnecting from usb with pc or

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Users frequently use iTunes to back up their iPhones and iPads to Windows 10 PCs. However, some users have reported that when they attempt to back up their Apple devices, they receive a “iPhone disconnecting” error.
There may be a problem with the USB port where the iPhone is plugged in. As a result, try connecting the phone to a different USB port. If you attach the phone to a different USB port, it could work fine.
Other USB devices connected to the computer can cause USB link errors. Remove any extra flash drives, external hard drives, gamepads, USB hubs, and so on. The iPhone should then be connected to one of the available USB ports.
Resetting the network settings on their iPhones patched the “iPhone disconnected” error message, according to some users. After the network has been reset, users will still have access to their files. On an iPhone, go to Settings, General, and Reset to reset the network settings. After that, users can choose to Reset Network Settings.

How to fix iphone keeps connecting & disconnecting from

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Iphone repeatedly disconnects / reconnects from power

While connected to a Windows laptop and an iPhone 11, my headphone (QC35 ii) keeps disconnecting and reconnecting to the iPhone while maintaining the link with the laptop. It’s weird because it happens when the iPhone is locked and not in use. It gives a vocal warning for the connected devices and battery level each time it connects/disconnects with the iPhone. It’s extremely inconvenient, and it’s only been two days since I purchased it; I’m extremely disappointed.
The problem is solved for those who have the same issue thanks to an entry on another list. While I had previously attempted it, I first erased all of the saved devices on my headphone by pressing and holding the bluetooth button for ten seconds. But this time, I have changed my phone’s name and re-paired them. Surprisingly, it works.
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How to fix iphone 12 keeps connecting & disconnecting

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How to fix an iphone 11 pro that keeps disconnecting from wi

On my iPhone 6, running iOS 9.3, I had the same problem.

Iphone/ipad rapidly connecting & disconnecting from mac

2. After doing some research on the internet, I came across the following approach that worked for me:

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You must first reset your privacy and location information, after which you must re-trust your iPhone with iTunes. 1. Unplug your iPhone from the cord. 2. Use the following on your iPhone: ->Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Location & Privacy -> Reset Location & Privacy (accept all things). 3. Reconnect the cable to your iPhone. (Don’t worry, the iPhone will reconnect; it will be over soon). 4. When iTunes asks about confidence, agree anything. Following that, your iPhone should stop reconnecting and begin charging normally.
You won’t believe me when I tell you that when my phone’s battery is charged to more than 60%, the issue goes away… it’s really weird, I tested many times…
For the dough, I’m waiting for a new cable.
You won’t believe me when I tell you that when my phone’s battery is charged to more than 60%, the issue goes away… it’s really weird, I tested many times…
For the dough, I’m waiting for a new cable.

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I’ve had this issue with my iPad Air 2 for quite some time: When I plug it into my MacBook, it acts as if I’m plugging it in and out quickly, and it won’t stay connected long enough for iTunes to sync or backup my files.
My iPhone had been working flawlessly until today, when it began to behave similarly to the iPad. All other USB devices function normally, and my iPad and iPhone both attach to my work’s Windows computers without issue. I’ve tried both USB ports on my MacBook, as well as a variety of established working cables, both Apple and non-Apple.
For work, I run Windows 10 in VMWare on my laptop (and yes, I made sure it wasn’t running before attempting to sync to ensure that wasn’t the issue). But today, I opened Windows on my MacBook, and when I plugged in my iPad, I told it to open in Windows as well, and voila, it connected to iTunes in Windows perfectly and stayed connected.
This leads me to believe it’s a software issue on the MacBook side of things. I even tried closing itunes and simply plugging my phone in to charge it, and it acted as though I was constantly plugging and unplugging it, but it remained connected in Windows.

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