Iphone backup password could not be set

Iphone backup password could not be set

Remove itunes backup password (i have been wrong for

If you want to upgrade your iPhone or another iDevice without having to recover your files, you can restore from a backup. However, iTunes can prompt you for a password, which you may not recall entering because you did not select the option for an encrypted backup. If you recall your iTunes Store password, there are some passwords you may use to change the password.
Step 4) It’s possible that the password is an old iTunes password that you set a long time ago but have since modified. Your backup password is sometimes your initial password. This may be an iTunes bug, but give it a shot to see how it works.
Step 5) If you’re on a Mac, you might try the Keychain process. To start, go to Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access.app and click on it. Second, type “iPhone Backup” into the search window. Third, double-click the most recent “iPhone Backup” entry. Fourth, press “Show password” at the bottom of the dialogue box and type in the computer’s administrative password. This will show the password to your iTunes backup!

How to reset encryption password on itunes [2019]

If you want to restore a backup and iTunes asks for a backup password, you might get into trouble if you don’t remember it. Fortunately, there are ways to get around this problem and recover your backups without having to enter a password.
If you’re not sure why iTunes asks for a password or what it means, this guide will help you find it out. The guide explains why iTunes needs a password to recover a backup and what you can do if you forget your password. It also demonstrates how to fully disable the password function in iTunes.
If you’re wondering why the iTunes app unexpectedly asks you for a password to restore your backup, this section will explain. The app prompts you for a password for one reason: to assist you in restoring your backups.
You selected the Encrypt iPhone backup checkbox when backing up your iOS device with iTunes. This resulted in an encrypted version of your backup, which you must first decrypt before restoring to your phone.

How to fix iphone backup errors in itunes

I recently published a guide to recover the iTunes backup password on Windows in the form of a tutorial. The iPhone keeps track of the password. As a result, iTunes obtains the encryption settings information from the handset rather than from Windows. There are various brute force resources available. Given the duration of my passwords in general, they didn’t fit for me.
The advice was helpful to me. Looking at the recovered password, I’m sure that I set it myself and that it wasn’t set for me by IOS, as some say in this 30-page post Lost Password to iPhone Backup.
Taking the following steps, roughly, will allow you to recover (tried on IOS 9.02). However, you must follow a series of thorough steps or the recovery will fail and you will lose all of your current data on the phone.
Many detailed steps of the lengthy procedure are no longer necessary once jailbreaking is possible with an activated PC-backup encryption option. However, the safeguarding of your PC backup, as well as the keychain dumper, remain valid.

How to recover itunes backup password

When you try to allow backup encryption or restore your encrypted backup in iTunes for your iPhone, you can get the error “the password you entered to secure your iPhone backup could not be set.” And if you try again, you are likely to receive the same error message. Fortunately, this question is fairly easy to solve.
If the error “the password you entered to secure your iPhone backup could not be set, please try again” appears, it is highly likely that you are attempting to restore the iPhone backup over a Wi-Fi link. When restoring the encrypted copy, it is recommended that you attach your iPhone to your device using a USB or lightning cable.
Even if you have a Mac, you can first use the above-mentioned method to fix the error, there is another way to solve the problem, which is to use the Keychain method. Since iTunes saves your iPhone backup passwords in the keychain, this method might be able to help you recover the password and thus solve your problem.

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