Internet outage london

Internet outage london

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“We are aware that certain customers in parts of London are experiencing broadband issues,” a Virgin Media spokesperson said. We are working to restore services as soon as possible and apologize to those who have been impacted.”
We’re aware that some of our customers in London are having problems with their broadband. Although affected consumers will still be connected to their Virgin Media router, they will be unable to access the Internet, preventing web pages and other services from loading. Virgin Media is a media company based in the

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A major London broadband outage has been reported by Virgin Media. On Thursday, tens of thousands of Virgin Media customers in London announced major broadband outages, leaving millions without access to the internet. Separate outages were reported by Virgin TV customers in other parts of the UK, including Manchester, Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Leeds.
By Thursday afternoon, the problem had been fixed, but some people had been without internet for six hours. “Some of our customers in London encountered broadband and TV problems this morning, which have now been resolved,” Virgin Media said. This did not affect all London customers, and it was not a national outage.”
In London, there are approximately 5.3 million Virgin Media broadband subscribers. The outage, Virgin Media reported, was caused by signal interference between broadband and TV services at one site, not by hot weather or overcapacity due to increased home use during lockdown.
On Thursday, the UK telecoms regulator, Ofcom, released a brief statement saying, “We are aware Virgin Media is experiencing network problems in the London region.” We’re working with the company to find out what’s causing the issue to bring customers back online as quickly as possible.”

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Virgin Media services in London have been restored after users reported being unable to access the internet.

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On Thursday morning, tens of thousands of Londoners reported losing their internet link, with outage maps indicating that vast areas of the city were affected.
Owing to the coronavirus, many people were unable to perform their jobs at a time when the government is still encouraging people to work from home whenever possible. According to the operator, TV services were also impacted. “When there’s a big outage at Virgin Media and all you can do is sit and wait while your time-sensitive work slowly burns,” one woman tweeted. Someone else made the following comment: “Hello there, @richardbranson. Could you please correct this? We are currently unable to perform our duties. Hot regards, Every single Virgin Media subscriber.”

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It is possible for outages to occur at any time. This guide outlines the most common causes of Internet outages and provides real-world examples of what you can do to minimize the impact of an outage on your business.

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