Insight education group

Insight education group

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Use our safe video network for self-reflection, peer reviews, professional development communities, and asynchronous or synchronous instructional coaching to support, mentor, and grow educators. #GotchaVsGrowth
“Our teachers are enthusiastic about using ADVANCEfeedback and video because it eliminates the “gotcha” factor from teacher assessment. Video clearly demonstrates what works and what doesn’t. The product aids the teacher and administrator in developing a rubric-based, growth-oriented dialogue.”
“We needed a way to make sure that our supervisors, evaluators, credentialed observers, and other evaluators were all on the same page with our state-wide teacher assessment framework. Our observers now have access to clear, high-quality, and interactive technical learning modules on the components of our assessment rubric thanks to the Insight ADVANCE Suite.”
“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate ADVANCEfeedback®. My first round of informal in-person observations went extremely well, and the method is both user-friendly and comprehensive in terms of providing everything an analyst needs to produce a high-quality study.”

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Dr. Ying Sun, an IECA accredited alumni of Johns Hopkins University’s Education College, created Insight Education. Insight education brought together an outstanding team of Chinese and American advisors who recognized the American educational concept and way of education, stressed the value of early planning and training, and concentrated on the students’ academic ability, personal achievement, commitment, and leadership in society.
Insight Education’s founder, with a Ph.D. in Biology from Sun Yat-Sen University, an M.A. in Science Teaching from Johns Hopkins University, and an American teacher certification certificate. Before founding Insight education, she spent 16 years in the area of education and training, teaching, scientific research, and management at home and abroad, and later held teaching positions at Walt Whitman High School (ranked first in Maryland), BGI genomics, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and other institutions. She has a deep understanding and unique insights into the Chinese and Western teaching systems, educational concepts, and teaching methods.

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the goal We evaluate your learning needs on an individual basis and tailor our courses to help you recognize and achieve your academic objectives. Since 2006, our Oxbridge Mentoring Program has helped students obtain places at their dream universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.
executing We take pride in our ability to think outside the box. Our mentors create personalized reading lists for you and suggest opportunities for exploration outside of the classroom. We also assist you in seeing how ideas are put into practice in the real world, which improves your creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.
converse To assist you in expressing yourself and developing educated opinions, we use a Socratic, dialogue-based approach. Our mentors will teach you how to prepare and build your own answers to problems. Our teaching systems support this by assisting you in structuring your thinking process.
Students receive one-on-one online academic mentoring to help them develop creative thinking skills that will help them succeed in tests, transition into higher level studies, and begin university preparation.
This program is popular among (I)GCSE students who are looking for a competitive advantage.

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High school programs like Mass Insight Education’s Advanced Placement STEM and English coursework have made tremendous progress in introducing college-level academics, and with them, college-level expectations, to a wider range of students.
Mi aided us in thinking beyond the box and examining what new tactics are being used to assist English language learners and low-income students, and then applying it to a more oriented plan that can affect change within the school.
Hear firsthand accounts of how Mass Insight is transforming people’s lives and schools. At our 7th annual Partners In Excellence teaching awards ceremony, Jamil Siddiqui, a program instructor, and Elizabeth Oluokun, a program alumna, respectively, shared their experiences.

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