Inquiry based lesson plan template

Inquiry based lesson plan template

Enquiry based learning in the primary classroom

Investigate the methods for creating and implementing inquiry-based lesson plans. Participants can learn how to design and prepare an inquiry-led lesson after learning about the components of an inquiry-led lesson.
This course provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of Project Based Learning, including key components and common misunderstandings. Throughout the course, learners can build their own PBL cycle that they can use in their own classroom right away.

How to get into inquiry-based learning: part 1 – first steps

Ask a student what he or she needs to know isn’t all that inquiry-based learning entails.

Discovery learning lesson plan

It’s just about arousing interest. And, I would argue, arousing a student’s interest is a much more important and difficult goal than simply delivering information.
Inquiry-based learning, despite its difficulty, can be easier on teachers, partially because it shifts certain roles from teachers to students, but also because releasing authority engages students.
It’s not easy for inquiry-based teachers to do what they do; it’s just secret, and some people confuse the two. Students build their own expertise as content-area experts while teachers mask the techniques they use to promote inquiry.
Inquiry is about discovering something different, and arousing interest is no easy task. It takes modeling enthusiasm, and discovering something new, even if it’s something new about material we’ve covered for years, creates our own enthusiasm.
By the way, I assume that one of the reasons why the whole world is going crazy over the Broadway production of Hamilton is that it provides a new viewpoint on a story we’ve all heard before.
The importance of discovering something new cannot be overstated.

Inquiry-based learning: developing student-driven

I’ve found that many of my school’s new inquiry and PYP teachers use day plan models from non-inquiry or non-PYP educational systems. I’m curious how much these day-to-day preparation tools hinder teachers from achieving their goals of planning and teaching inquiry-based, PYP-based units.
I’ve been working on a mock-up of a possible PYP day plan prototype in response to this question. I tried to arrange time for Unit of Inquiry, Stand-Alone Math Inquiry, and Stand-Alone Literacy Inquiry in my regular schedule. I’ve tried to provide an explicit emphasis on the PYP’s basic elements, phases of the inquiry period, teaching methods, evaluation, and reflection in each form of inquiry. My first draft is as follows:
My hope is that by modifying or adjusting their preparation tool, teachers can change the way they prepare and, as a result, the way they teach. Building room on day plans for guiding questions, PYP elements, stages of inquiry, teaching methods, evaluation, and reflection should ideally make these aspects of inquiry-based, PYP teaching and learning more explicit in teachers’ minds as they prepare each day. They will ideally become more explicit and transparent for students as their learning progresses if they are more explicit and transparent in the minds of teachers as they prepare.

Inquiry-based learning: from teacher-guided to student

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