Individual nacho cheese packets

Individual nacho cheese packets

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Gehl Foods, the market leader in dispensed cheese sauce, has introduced two new small pack sizes to offer Gehl’s Nacho Cheese Sauce’s ooey-gooey goodness: Single-serve 3.5 oz cups and a 16 oz snip-and-squeeze pouch
To follow the new standard, consumers and operators are searching for trusted goods. Consumers are satiating their appetite for food by consuming more meals at home, whether served in their own kitchen or at their favorite restaurant. Operators are searching for goods with a high profit margin, zero waste, and low labor requirements. Both are searching for their favorite foods and, most importantly, protection. To meet these needs, Gehl’s is proud to deliver these two fantastic new products.

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Nacho Cheese Part Pak Even does well for pretzels and hot dogs! Serve this famous snack without the mess of ladling. – There is no MSG in this product, and there are no trans fats. 48 pks/cs (3.5 oz) GM5277 is an abbreviated version of GM52 FOR MORE Details, CLICK ON THE PRODUCT NAME.
These delectable “to go” packets are made with premium natural cheese. Portion Pak Cheese from Gold Medal offers consistent portion sizes, simple inventory management, no waste, no clean-up, and consistent quality every time. Serve with nachos, hot dogs, pretzels, and other savory treats. Each case contains 48 portion cups (3.5 oz.) that can be served cold or warm. In one of our portion pak warmers (shown below), pre-heat the portion cups. Potions paks are ideal if you have limited space or only sell Nachos a few times a week. Too much product would be lost if you use bag cheeses or #10 cans.

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It can be used to create a “cinema” atmosphere at home or as a trendy snack for event catering. With excellent efficiency, you will not fail to please your customers. Since our spicy cheese sauce for nachos is made up of more than 40% cheese, it has a very aromatic flavor. Alternatively, try our spicy and fruity tomato and paprika salsa, which is perfectly balanced. We provide dips and sauces to movie theater concessionaires, recreational centers, and event caterers. Whatever the application, we have a wide range of small and bulk packs in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.
A bag with a tubing connection is the solution that offers the highest degree of hygienic protection. A pump transports the cheese without touching it. Our bags come with adapters for a number of dispensers, including Gold-Metal, Roelofsen, Gehls, and Cretors, to name a few. We will gladly provide you with guidance.

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The rich and creamy cheese sauces from AFP advanced food products llc are ready-to-serve and come in a range of flavors with a lot of potential to complement existing menu items or stand alone as a dip. They’ll enhance the flavor of your mac & cheese, enchiladas, nachos, hot dogs, cheese steaks, baked potatoes, soups, and burgers.
These sauces contain no preservatives and do not require refrigeration thanks to our flavor-capturing aseptic packaging process, which preserves the product’s taste, texture, appearance, and nutritional content.

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