Incoming message ringtone

Incoming message ringtone

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Notifications via text message… My text message app no longer has a tone sound option for incoming texts, which has been the case for the past 30 days. There is also no longer an option in the sound or notifications menu that allows me to pick the tone for incoming text messages. Was the sounds txt feature option removed as a result of a software upgrade or change?
I’d like to know what chat app you’re using. Your notification sound should be selectable (Settings > Sound > Advanced > Default Notification Sound). If you want to give each of your contacts a different ringtone for text messages, you can do so. Open the Messages application > Select one of the messages and open it > Touch the three vertical dots, then go to Information, Notifications, Advanced, and Sound. When you get a text message from that contact, you can change the notification sound from there.
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Incoming message tone

What exactly do you mean when you say you’ve switched off notifications? Do you have a ringtone for your phone and a notification tone for your messaging app (Messaging > Menu button (three dots) > Settings > Notification tone)?
I just got my new Xperia Z2, and after what I thought was a good setup, I don’t get any notification sound or vibration when I get an SMS. I have a tone and vibration set up, but no notification for an incoming SMS. I have no issues receiving incoming phone calls – any suggestions?

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Make a ringtone Date: August 21, 2013, 23:54 QR-CodeQR-CodeQR-CodeQR-CodeQR-CodeQR-CodeQR- Incoming Message ringtones for your phone or tablet from the “Message tones” ringtones group. The music Incoming Message can be used as a cell phone ringtone on any mobile phone or smartphone, which means the list of compatible models is virtually endless: Nokia phones, Samsung phones, iPhones, and Android OS smartphones. Before you decide to download rinftone Incoming Message for your mobile device, you can simply pre-listen to the melody Incoming Message, and if you like it, you can download it for free and without registration to your mobile device.
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