If my microsoft excel file is all garbled could it have a virus

If my microsoft excel file is all garbled could it have a virus

Two ways repair and recovery excel file because corrupt and

So, I got an interesting call from a client this morning. They have a drive letter into which they simply dump everything; most directories have large open permissions, and they have gigabytes of documents dating back to the 1990s. (Yes, I realize this is a terrible idea… )
Basically, every single.doc,.docx, and.xls Microsoft Office file on this share is corrupt. I initially assumed it was a Word problem based on the definition of the problem. But the problem wasn’t isolated to one computer; it affected all of them. I wanted to save a few documents to my laptop, which runs a much newer version of Office. It’s still a lot of nonsense. Normally, when you open a word document in Notepad, you’ll see a lot of gibberish with some human readable text, but these had nothing readable. It almost seemed to be encrypted.
Is this something you’ve seen before? Is this some kind of crypto ransomware? That’s what I believe this is, but most ransomware I’ve seen makes it clear you’re being extorted and leaves notes.

Microsoft excel – this file is corrupted and cannot be opened

Please keep in mind that, despite being one of the most advanced Microsoft Excel recovery tools on the market today, Recovery Toolbox for Excel cannot fix the following spreadsheet values or properties:
The Recovery Toolbox for Excel software allows you to open XLSX files from any Microsoft Excel edition (2007/2010/2013/2016/2019) and preview their contents without being able to save data in the demo version. Recovery Toolbox for Excel will work with both corrupted and undamaged XLSX files this way.
It is not necessary to have Microsoft Excel installed. XLSX files can be directly previewed from Recovery Toolbox for Excel. Of course, it has limitations in terms of visualization; for example, it does not support macros. The registered version eliminates all restrictions and allows you to save the recovered data into a new XLSX file.
It’s very quick to use Recovery Toolbox for Excel to display the contents of an XLSX/XLS Microsoft Excel file, whether it’s a corrupted, normal, or both Excel file. Even if you don’t have Excel or Office enabled, the tool can be used to view XLSX files. You can open and display any XLSX file an unlimited amount of times with this app.

How to cancel a virus scan of an opening excel document

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Malware is a catch-all word for viruses, spyware, worms, and other forms of malicious software. Malware is software that is intended to harm a single computer or a networked computer. Thus, if the word “malware” is used, it refers to a program that is intended to harm your machine, such as a virus, worm, or Trojan.
A virus is a computer program that is designed to infiltrate your computer and destroy or change your files and data. Your computer’s data can be compromised or removed as a result of a virus. Viruses are capable of self-replication. A computer virus is more dangerous than a computer worm because it alters or deletes your files, while worms only reproduce themselves without altering your files or data.
Viruses can reach your device via picture attachments, greeting cards, or audio/video files. Viruses can also be spread through Internet downloads. They may be concealed in free/trial applications or other downloaded files.

Repair corrupted excel files with stellar phoenix excel repair

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A macro virus is a computer virus that is written in a macro language, which is a programming language that is embedded within a software application (e.g., word processors and spreadsheet applications). Some software, such as Microsoft Office, Excel, and PowerPoint, allow macro programs to be inserted in documents and run automatically when the document is opened, providing a unique mechanism for the spread of malicious machine instructions. This is one of the reasons why opening unwanted attachments in e-mails can be risky. While several antivirus programs can detect macro viruses, the actions of the macro virus can be difficult to detect.

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