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I like 2 learn

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Learn English online and develop your skills with our high-quality courses and tools, all of which are geared to adult language learners. The British Council, the world’s English teaching experts, has handcrafted everything you’ll find here.
With our self-study online courses, you can improve your English for the workplace. Your membership will allow you full access to all of our online English courses, as well as much more, for just £5.99 a month.
With the help of one of our skilled tutors, you can learn English online. These one-on-one sessions will concentrate on developing a personalized plan to help you reach your full potential and gain interest in reading, writing, and speaking English.

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ilike2learn.com is a free website that provides interactive online maps for students to use. Students can use a variety of different maps on the website to test their expertise. If they have access to a computer, they can use it in the classroom as well as at home if they have one. This website allows students to put their geography expertise to the test by using an online map. The text of a spot, such as North Dakota, will appear on the screen. The student must then choose the state that corresponds to the text; if they are right, the student advances to the next state. The same can be said for capitals, oceans, and seas, among other things… This website is a simple and enjoyable way for students to be inspired to learn geography while having fun.
It is very simple to integrate the use of ilike2learn.com into the classroom using computer labs and classroom computers. If students have completed all of their geography work well or have completed all of their classwork, homework, and other subject areas correctly, they will be able to use this website to test their knowledge. They will be able to test their skills during computers or during their computer lab block for the day in order to practice for the weekly quiz.

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So, if you’re serious about learning two target languages rather than just for the sake of learning them, I wouldn’t suggest studying them both at the same time. After establishing a stable base in one, move on to the next while steadily enhancing the first.
What if you don’t have a say in the matter? Perhaps you need to learn two languages for work or to fly to different countries. Or maybe you simply want to take on the task of learning two languages at the same time.
Passion for the language you select will always be the most significant factor in your language success. Another thing to remember when learning two new languages is how similar the two languages are.
The Romance languages of French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian have similar grammar and vocabulary. I can converse in these languages without mixing them up, owing to the fact that I always achieved intermediate or higher proficiency in one Romance language before moving on to the next.

United states map game by ilike2learn.com

And we are conscious. You’ve also attempted to learn a foreign language in the past. It was either complicated or tedious…or both. But you know what’s strange? WE’VE ALL Mastered A LANGUAGE AT SOME POINT IN OUR LIVES! Sure, it took some time, but then again, so do all good stuff. That’s why we devised a three-step learning process that allows you to pick up a new language in the same way you did the first time: naturally.
For us, it’s just about jumping in and trying something new without thinking about being precise. As a result, we won’t start teaching you grammar right away. That’s probably what frightened you away the last time you tried…
You’ve already tried and failed to learn a foreign language before. We understand that it isn’t easy. Our intelligent learning engine adapts to each individual learner, creating a learning path with just the right degree of difficulty to keep you engaged and make faster progress.
With video clips of real native speakers, we put the outside world into your classes. Listening to a variety of speaking styles and actual accents can help you develop a natural ability to comprehend the nuances and beauty of another language.

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