How to use a document camera

How to use a document camera

Using a document camera in your classroom

Have you considered incorporating a paper camera into your speech therapy office or clinic? I recently purchased a document camera because I know how valuable they are to therapists, nurses, and the speech students. Especially during the pandemic, when so many students are receiving teletherapy.
A document camera helps you to project and write on objects — be paper, books, or models — or otherwise manipulate them to bring the thought process to life for students.
It’s essentially a modern-day substitute for projectors, and you’re digitally projecting your objects.
One of the most useful features of a document camera is the ability to screen share during a Zoom Meeting. This is particularly useful if you’re doing some form of virtual therapy because you can zoom in on exactly what you need depending on the activity you’re doing with students. For example, you can easily do a lesson by turning the document camera into a webcam, facing it towards your whiteboard, and standing up at the whiteboard. You’ll be able to see what the students are seeing on your computer screen. If you’re teaching a lesson that needs you to move or stand, this is perfect. This may be useful for teaching a lesson with an Occupational Therapist or a Special Education Teacher. You may also use it when sitting at your table or desk for speech therapy resources and events. For example, if you wanted to categorize objects, play a game, or match puzzle pieces with your virtual students, you can place these items under the document camera that is connected to your zoom screen, and they would be able to see and mark the items you are manipulating and discussing. This gives interactive learning a more “hands on” feel while still feeling like you’re sitting at a table together.

How to use a document camera in google meet

One of the easiest and most valuable teacher tools is a paper camera. You can get one for under $100 or more than $1,000 if you want something more elaborate. The trick is to find out which features are genuinely important for your teaching style.
One of the first places you’ll want to test out your doc cam is in science class. Using a doc cam is the simplest way to explain the scientific method. Here are a few examples of how it can be useful in the lab.
Many teachers who have doc cams in their classrooms claim to use them “all day.” What are you talking about?! The paper camera turns out to be a remarkably powerful classroom management tool. Teachers can use it on the fly to deliver simple, transparent standards, model actions and procedures, and make effective use of time and resources, among other things. Teachers were invited to share their methods.
At $199, AVer’s U10 may be the simplest document camera to use—and finance. It’s powered by its own USB cable, so it’s easy to set up, and it can be folded away when the lesson is over. is a website that provides information about the United States of America.

Using a document camera for online education

A document cam­era is a real-time image capture system that can show videos or still photos of objects and documents to a wide group of people when connected to a projector or digital display. Document cameras can, of course, be used to display documents, but some also have the ability to display micro­scope samples, act as webcams, and capture audio and video.
The ability to offer an entire class­room a close-up view of small items and doc­u­ments is the greatest benefit of document cam­eras. In a year, a single document camera will save thousands of pages of paper (no need to make copies for each student!) and might also be able to assist you in saving money on textbooks and other course materials.
A document camera with opti­cal zoom allows anyone in the room to see the most intri­cate aspects of your subject in full detail, whether you’re showing your class how a circuit board functions or watching an insect. You can also use a document cam­era connected to a micro­scope to display your class real-time video or still images of sam­ples when leading a conversation about what you’re seeing in science class.

How to use elmo document cameras in classrooms

Using the MimioViewTM document camera to improve the wonder of immersive lessons and events by adding high-definition 4K pictures or live footage. The entire class will see detailed pictures of the intricacies of a flower or math manipulatives on the front-of-the-room board. Lessons and knowledge are brought to life.
MimioStudioTM classroom software is included with the MimioView document camera. It links all MimioClassroomTM items, making it simple to use other resources like the document camera or the pen tablet. Educators may use MimioStudio software to create immersive lessons and collaborative events, as well as conduct real-time formative evaluation. Our MimioMobileTM app, which enables community learning and collaboration on almost any smartphone, takes learning even further.
The MimioView is of incredible quality and provides a plethora of possibilities for classroom integration…. I like how the instructor or students can draw on a LIVE image on the whiteboard and how it can attach to a microscope.

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