How to unlike something on fb

How to unlike something on fb

How to unlike facebook story

If you’ve been following some of my recent social media advice, you shouldn’t be too disappointed if people leave your profile. People move on, and accounts are closed or removed. Don’t be too harsh on yourself.
You’ve already seen pages like this before. Every single post is a sales pitch to enter their webinar or purchase their product. Even if those webinars and goods are awesome, no one wants to be sold to on a regular basis.
That is just what we want to do with blogging. However, we still want to sell our app. We’re establishing a friendship with you by presenting you with (hopefully) useful knowledge rather than a sales pitch.
70% (or 7 out of 10) of your posts, in my opinion, should be informative, with the majority of those being your own blog posts, podcasts, photographs, and so on. They shouldn’t be pushy in any way. Remember, you’re “pulling” rather than “pushing.”

How to unlike photos and videos on facebook || like fb

However, liking so many pages will clog your newsfeed (take it from someone who knows) and make it difficult to keep track of your family, friends, and other important updates.
2. Hover over the page name with your cursor. This will bring up a pop-up window with more details about the website. There will be two buttons at the bottom of this popup that say “Liked” and “Following.”
3. Click the “Liked” button to hate the page. You won’t be able to like or follow the page anymore. You may also simply unfollow the page, in which case you can continue to “like” it but will no longer receive its updates or articles in your newsfeed.

How to unlike multiple facebook pages

If you’re scrolling through your timeline and come across a post from a business you don’t want to follow, simply unlike the page: Hover your mouse over the company name at the top of the page to begin (without clicking on it).
A box will appear, containing company details. You’ll see buttons at the bottom of the box that indicate whether you’ve liked and/or followed the article. Simply deselect those keys, and the business will no longer appear in your timeline.
You may also opt to “unfollow” the page while continuing to like it. This means that you will no longer see updates from the company in your timeline, but you will remain a fan of the website.
The work becomes more manageable if you revisit the pages you’ve enjoyed on a regular basis, such as once a month. If you review a page on a regular basis, it will be easier to remember why you liked it, and scrolling through your list will take less time. It also helps you to spot any changes easily, such as pages that are no longer active and hence useless to track.

How to unlike or unfollow a facebook page

If you want to talk about sports on your brand page, include your customers. To get your fans to choose between loving and sharing, post a “Like vs. Share” poll. Run a vote contest to get even more people involved. Expect no backlash if you don’t update your opinions often.
Here’s how the Home Depot makes good use of sports. They’ve been doing a college football photo contest. They get their fans to show off their favorite team and their best bucket drumming, which generates a lot of interaction.
They should make this post a lot more engaging and enjoyable to read. They could include a question like, “What shoe, boot, or sneaker will you be wearing this Fall?” and use more authentic-looking photos of their product.
Citi Bank responds to a customer service complaint made public. Citi Bank replied within 15 minutes, and their comment received a Like. This demonstrates that they are a sensitive organization that pays attention to their customers. If they had ignored the negative remark, it would have just exacerbated the customers’ dissatisfaction and cost them Likes – and customers.

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