How to stop avast from blocking a download

How to stop avast from blocking a download

How to uninstall avast

This is a strange issue that I’ve never experienced before. I have two computers, both of which run Windows 7 and have the latest version of Avast installed, and both of which appear to be downloading large quantities of data. I found it when we used more data than normal for our monthly quota, 2gb+ in a couple of days when we were only just surfing.
I’m pretty sure the changes aren’t causing the traffic. Since avastsvc serves as a proxy to block harmful web content, the majority of normal traffic will be routed via Avast instead. Avast technical staff answered a query somewhat close to this one here:

Avast blocking camera

Their job is to keep your machine secure while also stopping you from doing something irritating. However, antivirus software can be overzealous in blocking or suppressing any EXE (executable file) that smells suspicious. And all of this is done against your will.
We’ve outlined how to address this issue in a few basic steps below. So be sure to look through the list below and figure out how to keep your antivirus from blocking or removing EXE files that you consider to be secure.
Despite the fact that this action totally defeats the intent of an antivirus solution, the brave protector may often be too vigilant for its own good. False-positive detections also exist, and they can cost you a lot of time and nerves.
The first step is to turn off the real-time defense for a while and then try reinstalling the software. That isn’t to say that antivirus software won’t prevent the program from running in the future.
Any antivirus program allows users to remove files or directories from future scans at their own risk. As a result, when you re-enable real-time security, the antivirus will skip over the selected folder or file.

Avast blocking downloads

Avast has a whitelist feature. You may use Avast to remove file paths, URLs, and individual applications from being scanned by adding them to this list. You must allow URLs to be excluded from Avast security. Avast employs a series of modules to guard against cyber-attacks. The “Internet Shield” module is one of the blades for scanning websites and detecting malicious code.
Avast blocks websites that are potentially harmful to your system, such as those that can corrupt or abuse your data. Avast can be too emotional at times. It considers common and secure websites to be untrustworthy, so it blocks links and prevents you from accessing them. Fortunately, there is a way to get around this false alert and prevent Avast from blocking those websites in the future.
When anyone with Avast installed on their computer tries to access my website, they get an error. They are able to visit without any issues after turning off Avast. Avast does occasionally block legal websites. You’ll need to disable the Web Shield module or add the website to your Exclusions list to get around Avast and access a blocked website.

How to stop antivirus from blocking a program

Any networks outside of your current network that Firewall considers trustworthy are referred to as ‘Friends.’ When your existing Network profile is set to Private, these networks are automatically detected and are not subject to the default Firewall restrictions. The default higher level of protection is extended to all networks, including the ‘Friends’ networks, when Firewall is set to the Public profile.
You may decide how Firewall acts when it detects a non-authorized link in addition to specifying the types of connections you authorize for applications or processes. To define the behavior of the Firewall for a non-authorized link, type:
Different types of applications or processes necessitate different ports. Since port 443 is the default port for HTTPS (secure HTTP) in internet browsers and port 80 is the most widely used port for HTTP (unsecured HTTP), the Application rules port entry is 443,80. Contact the application’s provider or consult the application’s documents or support pages for details on the correct network port to specify.

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