How to stay saved

How to stay saved

The truth about staying saved

Lorain has returned from her sabbatical, and despite the fact that God did not disclose everything she desired about her past, she refuses to accept things as they are. How many lives will be harmed and how many will be saved when all the pieces of the puzzle are put together? Sister, a survivor of one of the most harrowing experiences a person might ever go through, seemed to be on the mend.
What a story! From beginning to end, this book piqued my curiosity. I’m having a lot of fun reading about how the story is developing. Mother Doreen is one of my favorite people. I’m looking forward to seeing how her friendship with Pastor Frey progresses.
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This was a fantastic addition to the series. I’m enjoying reading about the salvation that each character receives in this story. I’m sure I’ll be able to take something from it and apply it to my life.
If you win, lose, or tie, it’s all up to you. The fourth book in the New Day Divas series, “Trying to Stay Saved,” is filled with suspense, feelings, reality, and fear. Sister Lorain has returned. She can’t recall what happened until she hit her head, but she knows Unique, a younger sister from church, and Brody, her mother’s fiancé, are also interested in her case. Is she really going to be able to let go of the past? Doreen’s mother is still in Kentucky, assisting her sister Bethany and her family as they adapt to life in the city.

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After we’ve been rescued, we can’t risk our salvation: God’s salvation is a free gift, and He will not change His mind after He has given it to someone: If we should risk our salvation, we would have to work hard to stop doing so in order to be rescued, and we would never know we were saved: It would be entrusting our redemption to ourselves. It’s a different kind of works-salvation.
Many doctrines are under threat because of word gaps in today’s Bible translations. Among them is the OSAS doctrine, which stands for “Once Saved Always Saved.” People who are exposed to newer Bible versions in their lives notice the inconsistencies, and the concepts implied by the text become ingrained in their minds. One seemingly insignificant word change is all that is needed to achieve the desired result. When those ideas lead you to believe in a false gospel, it’s a terrible thing. I’ll leave it to you to read the examples below to see what I’m talking about and why this is such a significant problem. 1 Corinthians 1:18 New International Version English Standard Version of the King James Bible King James Version: 1 Corinthians 15:2King James Version: 1 Corinthians 15:2King International Standard Version of the Bible of James Standard English Edition 2 Corinthians 2:15 New International Version of the King James Bible Standard English Edition The New American Standard Bible is a version of the New American Standard Bible Ephesians 4:30 Latest International Edition English Standard Version of the King James Bible

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Many singles want to glorify God in their dating relationships, but they’re not sure how. They indulge in intensely personal relationships with others, which only leads to disappointment, heartbreak, and pain, while completely ignoring God.
Is it possible to meet, fall in love, and ultimately marry someone in today’s world without first “trying them out” (in the bedroom)? Is it possible for two Christians to date while remaining saved? “Yes!” is my unequivocal response.
2. DATE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN Spending too much “alone” time dating at each other’s crib, particularly at night, is not a good idea. Create and adhere to a curfew for when the other person must leave. No matter how saved and sanctified you are, two people that are attracted to each other and are both saved build a “chemistry” that could set off fireworks at any time. So visit a zoo, a museum, or even an amusement park. Don’t give the devil a foothold by dating at home “late in the midnight hour.”

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Question: I’m having trouble interpreting the word “repent from sin.” Do I turn away from my sins again if I accept them and believe in Jesus Christ’s finished work? Is “repentance from sin” then still biblical? My heart sunk when I read that for the first time because I had no idea what to do. Ecclesiastes 7:20 was a verse that seemed to comfort me and to relax my heart and mind. Why do certain churches use this as part of their redemption message?
Answer: Hello there, mate. I’ll be happy to answer your questions today — repentance is, after all, a very important subject! And I appreciate your bewilderment. What good would repentance do for us if we had already dealt with our sins by admitting them, handing them over to Christ, and believing in his atonement? Furthermore, because we know Christ’s work is complete, isn’t continuing to repent an insult to him? As a result, I understand if you’re curious if the phrase “repenting from sin” is biblical. If Ecclesiastes 7:20 comforts you, it’s because you’re conscious that believers, too, sin — and what do we do about it? Oh my goodness! That’s a lot to take care of! So, let’s get this party started.

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