How to merge thunderbird profiles

How to merge thunderbird profiles

Move emails from imap into local folders in thunderbird

Over the last two years, I’ve used two laptops and set up email accounts on both of them. I had to go to each of the laptops to retrieve unique e-mails on a regular basis, and as annoying as it was, I got used to it and it worked.
However, one of the laptops has died (although I have a backup of the mailboxes on that machine), and I’m planning to give the other laptop to my girlfriend to use. I actually have a desktop PC that I have rebuilt and plan to use to store all of my emails.

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Several times Thunderbird has been reinstalled. I was able to save the old profiles in my Thunderbird folders. Now I have four Thunderbird folders, each with user profiles from earlier days, as well as the most recent Thunderbird folder and profile in use. How can I migrate all of my old email from previous profiles into my new profile and have all of my emails shown together under my new profile? To put it another way, how can I combine all of my profiles into one? I hope this isn’t as perplexing to you as it is to me.
I discovered and installed the import/export add-on. Let me ask you a question before I use it… Will any imported messages be added to my inbox and included in the inbox messages folder, or will they be split into a separate list? Is it possible to import them separately and retain them?
They’ll be placed in a separate folder as children. If a numeric suffix is needed to make the folder name special, it will be added. “The folder will be imported into Thunderbird (mbox file). To make the folder name special, it can add a suffix. When I imported “inbox.” into Local Folders, for example, it created the inbox679 folder.”

How to move your thunderbird data to another computer

This tutorial will show you how to restore an old Thunderbird account or combine old Thunderbird messages with new ones. I tried a few third-party apps that claimed to be able to do this, but none of them were able to complete the task.
Mozilla Thunderbird stores user data in the secret folder AppData inside the user folder on Windows. Let’s say my Windows user name is “Tomislav.” c:UsersTomislavAppDataRoamingThunderbird is the road to the user data in Thunderbird. Other operating systems are similar. Thunderbird is located in the home directory on Linux, but it is secret. It will be called.thunderbird, or.mozilla if it is inside.mozilla.
Let’s imagine you’d like to reinstall Screens. Make a backup of your account as instructed. Copy Profiles to the AppDataRoamingThunderbird folder after downloading Thunderbird but before building an account. All will be restored when you restart Thunderbird.
The contents of the old account are then copied to the “Local Folders” folder. I was just interested in Inbox, so I just copied it. Don’t forget to transfer both the Inbox and Send files, for example. The.msf file provides information about the larger file that actually contains messages.

How to : mail merge with thunderbird on windows

Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Entourage are only a few of the email client applications that support the MBOX file format. MBOX files are mailbox files that contain all of the mail messages from a single mailbox in one file. Users can configure a number of email accounts in an application like Mozilla Thunderbird. If there are multiple accounts and addresses, however, it is often preferable to combine two MBOX files into a single file. If this is achieved, it would result in a better search and retrieval of email messages.
Many users have questions about how to consolidate MBOX files, such as one who said he recently started using Mozilla Thunderbird and had five mailing accounts and several directories in his mail client. Due to duplicity, it was becoming difficult for the user to check for unique emails inside all of these files. As a result, he was searching for a way to merge several MBOX files so that he could narrow down his email search. Similarly, many users need solutions that can merge MBOX files into a single file.

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