How to make subscriptions private

How to make subscriptions private

How to make your youtube subscriptions private

However, things can get a little confusing, particularly if you have a lot of subscriptions. Fortunately, changing your privacy settings and channel alerts is easy. For more detail about how to handle YouTube subscriptions, see the tips below.
Someone may want to add, delete, or edit their YouTube subscriptions at some point. The procedure is simple and only involves a few steps. Individuals can also do this on a computer or a mobile device.
Sign in to YouTube and go to “Settings” on the left-hand side to adjust these settings. Toggle the choices on or off by clicking on “Privacy.” The first choice allows you to keep all of your saved playlists private. The second is to keep subscription information confidential.
When anyone visits a YouTube account, they will see who subscribes to that person’s channel. They can monitor those settings if they don’t want anyone to see the detail. It’s even possible to unsubscribe from YouTube using this method.
Finally, you can use YouTube to sort your subscriptions. Although YouTube no longer offers this functionality as of July 2021, there is a Chrome extension that can assist. Some people enjoy keeping track of their YouTube subscriptions in order to keep their collections organized. This, like a playlist, will save them a lot of time and help them find the right material at any time.

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I’ve kept my subscriptions private since I started my channel, but I’m not sure if that makes a difference. I’m concerned that certain people might be completely unaware that I’m a subscriber to them. Is there any advantage of keeping them hidden? Is there someone else who does this?
No, I’m not talking about concealing your subscriber count; we don’t do that. I’m referring to keeping your subscribed channels private. It’s a feature they allow, and now that I think about it, I’m not sure what the point is.
Thank you for providing this information. I used to think that if you set them to private, no one will see them, even the people you’re subscribing to them, but that must’ve been in an earlier version of YouTube xD. I’m so far behind on these that I’m keeping them private because I don’t want the content I consume to interfere with the content I create in any way. The same reason I keep ‘Liked Videos’ and other similar information secret. I use my Youtube account for both consuming and producing content, and I don’t want someone who watches my content to ask, “why do you watch all this random garbage?” or, even worse, “hey, I saw you subbed to this guy, my content is similar, subscribe to me!”

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Using Absinthe, I’m attempting to build my first GraphQL subscription. I got as far as creating the subscription itself with Guardian’s authenticated user socket, but I’m stumped on how to create a “per-user” channel that only a logged in user can subscribe to.
The problem is that the context does not include the current user or anything else I set on the signed socket. I tried to describe it, but I think I needed clarification. The method you propose is exactly how I attempted and expected it to function.

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YouTube has become an inextricable part of our online lives, one in which privacy is a concern. Your video-watching habits, as well as your likes and dislikes, could be public knowledge. If you make and upload videos, you run the risk of inadvertently revealing personal details such as your address or phone number.
When using the famous video platform, here’s how to keep your privacy as secure as possible. Instructions for using YouTube on the web and via a smartphone app can be found here; I used the iPhone version, but the Android version should function similarly.
If you upload videos to YouTube, you have a lot to be concerned about, including privacy-invading material. Make sure you don’t have any information or images that you don’t want the public to see, such as your house number or your car’s license plate. Pay careful attention to the backgrounds, as this is where personal images can appear.
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