How to keep avast from expiring

How to keep avast from expiring

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astyrakaki (@astyrakaki) After it expires, it should automatically reactivate 10, and you should still be safe during this period. Given that you’ve just reinstalled it, it may be sooner, but I can’t say for sure. I’m not sure why this is so complicated, but I think it has something to do with marketing. This shift toward paying options is more likely to lead to the adoption of a separate AV solution.
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The free edition does not need a license. Check out this link to see if it can assist you with the process: What kind of operating system do you use? Hello, and thank you for the information. In response to your first question, why is there an ACTIVATE button? (See Figure 11). and Why would a new installation have a 30-day expiration date? (See Figure 12). I’m running Windows 10 Professional.

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So, for the past couple of years, I’ve been using Avast Antivirus, which is free for personal use. It’s mostly been fine, but I’ve had some reservations about it, such as nag pop-ups and other issues. There was a software update a few months ago (or was it a year?) that required me to install ‘Avira Internet Security.’ Now, I had no need for this (I use COMODO firewall, which has been excellent), but I couldn’t avoid it. I could revert to the free Antivirus version at any time, according to Avira’s update process, without having to reinstall or re-do anything!
There wasn’t much of an option, and I couldn’t blame them for trying to sell their goods and turn free users to paying customers, so I went ahead and upgraded. I started getting alerts about ‘your trial licenses are about to expire’ and other such things about a fortnight ago. The internet protection product had the advantage of being unobtrusive; in truth, it’s fair to say that I forgot I had installed it.
I decided to ignore all the messages until yesterday afternoon, when my wife called me at work about the internet not functioning from the home computer, remembering the notes about the trial expiring and reverting back to the free edition. My home computer’s wifi dongle now sometimes displays a “No communication” message that can be easily resolved by either disabling and activating the dongle or unplugging and replugging it into the USB port. I proposed that as a solution, and was informed a few hours later that it had not resolved the issue.

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It did say it was going to expire in 12 days, but it used to tell you how many days were left after you renewed it, which I don’t see anymore.

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Are you saying that they don’t tell you how many days you have left, like I have 365 days after I renewed my free edition today?

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It was interesting to see how many days were left. Is it possible that I’m looking in the wrong place? Thank you so much!
Obviously, what you’re seeing right now isn’t going to reveal 365 days to go, or anything like that.
I’m not sure if this is a policy change, an oversight, or a flaw in the version and UI version 20.7.2425 (build 20.7.5568.590). I’ve asked a question about it and reported it using the Submit Feedback button. I recommend that you do the same; the more you do it, the more it will be remembered.
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Thank you so much!
Hopefully, this will have the desired impact, particularly some clarity on the issue, given MartinZ’s statement that “freedom expiration makes no sense.”

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An anti-virus environment that scans connections that use the SSL security protocol is the source of the problem. Since SSL creates a secure link, it adds an extra layer of security to connections that should already be secure.
Kaspersky can search encrypted connections between Postbox and your mail servers, including IMAP/SMTP over SSL. Kaspersky will intercept your email connections, insert itself between Postbox and your mail server, and secure the “last mile” of your communication with its own certificates. Postbox will complain about expired certificates as a result of this.
By adding Kaspersky’s SSL certificate to Postbox’s list of exceptions, you can recognize it as legitimate. Kaspersky can search your mail on their own servers, allowing you to use the full range of Kaspersky security software features without limitations.
By editing the settings in Kaspersky Internet Security 2018, you can disable the mail interceptor. Start Kaspersky Internet Security and go to the bottom of the application window to the Settings icon. Select Network in the Additional section of the Settings pane. Scroll down to “Encrypted connections scanning,” choose “Still check encrypted connections,” and then choose “Manage exclusions…”

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