How to hide pictures on galaxy s7

How to hide pictures on galaxy s7

How to hide photos on galaxy s7 / galaxy s7 edge / note 5

You wouldn’t give out your home address or phone number to just anybody, so your pictures should be treated with the same caution. Most people have a few images they’re willing to share with others, but the rest will be kept in a private archive to protect your and your family’s privacy. You may sometimes hand over your phone so that your boss, coworker, or best friend can see your cat doing something adorable, but there’s no guarantee that your audience will stay for the entire video.
It’s up to you to ensure the privacy of your pictures at all times, and that random people can’t scroll through the rest of your photos. You can hide images on your Android device, either in the device settings or with a third-party app, if the temptation is too great. We demonstrate how it’s done.
These images can still be accessed by tapping the Library icon in the bottom right corner of the page, then tapping the Archive button. Tap and hold to select, then tap the three vertical dots at the top right and tap Unarchive to return them to the main picture feed.

Samsung galaxy s7: how to hide special content (movies

Hide images and videos on Android means they’ll vanish from your phone’s gallery but won’t be deleted. This secures the photographs and videos and prevents unauthorized access to your personal or sensitive information.
In addition, the app allows you to hide images and videos from the Android Gallery. In File Manager, you can make a new folder, fill it with images and videos from the Gallery, and then cover it. The Gallery app would not recognize any video or picture that you transferred to the File Manager folder.
Can’t see pictures or videos that are concealed on your Android memory card? With the support of tools, you can recover secret media files. Install Stellar Photo Recovery program on your computer to retrieve secret media files. It recovers deleted or unavailable secret images and videos from all types of Android SD cards.
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How to hide pictures and files using private mode on

First and foremost, we’ll show you how to easily cover images and videos on your Samsung Galaxy S7 without the use of a dedicated app. You won’t need any prior experience with modern technologies. If you have even a basic understanding of your Samsung Galaxy S7 and are resourceful, you will be able to complete this process quickly thanks to our instructions. It entails hiding a folder from your picture or video editing software. To see them, you’ll have to go straight to the register. She’s there:
The second choice is to add a file that will make the directory invisible. You’ll need a good file manager for this, and your phone’s native app might not be appropriate. In fact, not all applications allow you to create a file. Here’s how it’s done for those who can:

How to hide images, videos and files in samsung galaxy s7

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How to hide photos on galaxy s7 edge

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I recently purchased a S7 and am searching for a way to hide those apps. I don’t want other people to see apps like tinder or adultfriendfinder, or dirty photos in my album, if I let them use my phone. I don’t want the apps to be accessible at all; instead, I want them to be locked and completely hidden. Is it possible to do this without rooting the phone? 4 responses 100 percentsavehidereportsavehidereportsavehidereportsa Voted up This discussion has been ended. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort results by q&a (suggested)

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