How to go to a certain date on facebook

How to go to a certain date on facebook

Facebook hacks: how to find old posts on facebook

No one has time to browse through the entire timeline in order to locate the one article from a long time ago. Because of the leniency that technology has given us, we have all succumbed to the fastest possible methods, which is a positive thing.
Since the function only operates on the web edition, you must be logged in on your laptop to learn how to do it. So, it’s time to go old school. Leave your phones at home and pick up your laptop or sit down in front of your computer.
Make sure you’re logged in to your account. Open the timeline of the consumer you’re looking for. Start scrolling down the timeline, but don’t go too far. Only after you scroll down a little can you see a menu appear on the left side of your phone.
It will contain the user’s name. A dropdown labeled timeline will be followed by a dropdown labeled recent. When you click on recent, you’ll be given the option to choose a specific year, and the timeline will begin to display posts from that year. You can also choose an exact date to be more precise with the details.

How to get to a certain date on facebook posts

Is there a way to scan for previous posts you’ve made in the “on this day” archives? I can only see today’s “one this day” alerts in my notifications, and I can’t look for previous “on this day” notifications.
If you remember what day it was, go back to that day/the day before or after it, and scan every year until you find it. I had forgotten to save anything from yesterday’s memories, so I went back to yesterday’s date and went through my operation for 2019, 2018, and so on before I found it.

How to find old post data on facebook

A new “fast scan” feature will help you sift through hundreds or thousands of posts to find just what you’re searching for. The key to this feature is that it is only available on desktop computers… If you want to use this feature, put your phones down and take a seat at your desk. To do so, go to the timeline of the person you want to search. Simply navigate down the list until you’ve arrived at their page. You’ll see a menu appear on the top left of your screen after scrolling down a little bit. It appears as follows:
Simply click the drop down menu under “Recent” to move to a specific year. You can also check for someone’s posts by heading to a particular year. You can then dig down even more and even skip to a specific date and year.
This is where the role comes into play. You built a permanent bookmark by sharing the article on social media. You will find the helpful blog by going to your own timeline and estimating the month and year it was written. This is far superior to having to browse through years of posts.

How to schedule posts on facebook (how to schedule

4. Select the Filters tab to view and manage your posts in bulk, as well as filter them to find and sort what you’re searching for. This allows you to search for posts from a particular time period, specific individuals, or specific things such as images or videos.
• Delete
Use this feature to transfer posts to the trash that you no longer want. Unless you manually uninstall or restore the posts before then, the garbage will sit there for 30 days before being removed.
Tap the Archive or Delete tab at the top of the screen to go back through your choices. You may change the status of a post from Archive to Remove or vice versa, Restore the post to reverse your decision, and Access the relevant post by tapping one of the links.

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