How to get nikolai in blackout

How to get nikolai in blackout

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Black Ops 4 is the fourth installment of the Black Ops series. In the Battle Royale mode, Blackout character missions help you unlock new skins. Character skins for many well-known Black Ops characters, as well as Zombies and multiplayer, are inaccessible right away and must be unlocked by unique acts. In Black Ops 4, learn how to complete Blackout character missions.
You can unlock several preset skins in addition to customizing your own character appearance. Some of them require unique measures, such as accumulating Merits to unlock Eschelon levels, which is Blackout’s method of progression.
When you find them, there will be several steps to unlocking them on the character piece. This can include things like using specific objects during the match, preventing collapse damage (the ring that closes in on the map), or finishing the match over a certain point.
List of Blackout character missions in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.
Here’s a list of every character by group, along with the steps we know on how to unlock them so far. Thanks to reddit user Max Rockwell for filling in some of the blanks. Missions for multi-player characters None of the games featured a villain. How do I unlock it? Procedures

How to unlock nikolai in 1 minute! (black ops 4: blackout

The Russian Tanker Hat spawns in a locked mausoleum in the graveyard north of the Asylum, in a specified spawn position inside the graveyard south of the Asylum. The player must locate a Cymbal Monkey and throw it at the locked door, causing the monkey to unlock and explode, cracking the door open and exposing the hat. After obtaining the item, the player will begin the Character Mission in order to unlock Nikolai. The player must place tenth in Solo, fifth in Duos, and third in Quads, as well as finish the match with the Russian Tanker Hat in their inventory, to complete the challenge. After meeting the criteria, the player will be rewarded with Nikolai as a playable character when they return to the lobby.
v • d • eBlackout character items in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Icons
Wood’s Bandana (Woods), Reznov’s Ushanka Hat (Reznov), Mason’s Stained White T-Shirt (Mason), Menendez’s Locket
Scarlett’s racing goggles and scarf, Shaw’s alchemical collection, Diego’s Pulp Magazine, Bruno’s Mug Shot, Dempsey’s Juggernog Bottle, Takeo’s Letter to the Emperor, Richtofen’s Blood Vials, Nikolai’s Russian Tanker Hat, Lion Pauldron (IX Bruno), Mayan Crest (IX Diego), Scarlett’s Steel Bracer, Ritual Bowl (IX Shaw)
Multiplayer mode
Note from Torque (Torque) I Ching Coins (Recon) Burned Doll (Firebreak) Juneau’s Tags (Nomad) Poker Chips (Crash) Ocular Prosthetic (Prophet) War Machine (Battery) Annihilator (Seraph)

How to unlock nikolai in black ops 4 blackout

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Blackout: how to unlock nikolai! (tanker hat location

You must find character-specific objects hidden in Blackout in order to unlock each character’s distinctive skin. If you’ve identified the quest object, you’ll need to complete a series of ‘Character Missions,’ each of which will have a set of tasks to complete.
Many of the items can be found by checking Supply Drops, Supply Boxes, and looting zombies and fallen enemies in the majority of cases. It’s important to bear in mind that most Character Missions require you to keep the item in your inventory for the duration of the game.
What are the gaps between echelons and merits?
Certain Blackout characters, such as Ranger, Frogman, Airborne, Seal, and Battle Hardened, can be unlocked without completing missions by reaching particular Echelon levels or simply buying the Battle Pass.
Echelon levels are linked to Call of Duty’s leveling system, in which players earn merits (experience) for killing someone, winning a game, completing a challenge, or placing high in a match. These merits will gradually accumulate, raising your Echelon rank.

Blackout: unlock all primis crew: how to unlock

Treyarch’s most recent update, published on November 27th, 2018, brought back the Blightfather case in Blackout, as well as the long-awaited character challenges for our beloved Primis Crew! In this post, I’ll show you how to get these characters and what you need to do to complete their challenges quickly!
Notes: If you communicate with a Typewriter and nothing happens, it’s likely that someone else has already received the note from that place. Go find and kill that guy, or simply move on to another location and interact with another Typewriter. You can get the Letter To The Emperor several times in a single game.

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