How to delete a group on edmodo

How to delete a group on edmodo

How to remove a student from an edmodo group ?

Since it freezes the Class/Group while maintaining all of the data and operation, archiving it is the best practice for when you’re finished with it (e.g. at the end of the year or grading period). A Class or Group that has been archived is no longer active. Students will be able to display the Posts and Direct Message the Teacher-Owner and Co-Teachers, but they will not be able to Post in the Class/Group, access shared Folders, or submit Assignments or Quizzes. All of your information is saved, and you can easily access all of your posts. You can also restore an archived class/group at any time, making it active again and allowing you to access all of the class’s content.

Edmodo remove student from group

So, I’m not familiar with all of the FERPA laws, but I can only imagine that not allowing students to post pictures of themselves online (especially k-8 students) will be protected by FERPA. You CAN, however, make the kids (and you) create an avatar to use on different Web 2.0 tools for which they must create an account. There are three avatar creators mentioned below that are both user-friendly and free to use. Today we’ll use Avacharra, but take a few minutes to check out the other two tools and compare them for yourself.

Remove a class edmodo

The usernames of the students are listed below their names (you can change their Password by clicking “Manage” to the right of their name.) You’ll also see if they have email or text Notifications set up (an icon of a mail message or a phone,) as well as if they have a parent account linked to them (icon of two people.)
Note: You can use the search field in the upper right corner of the Members tab to find members of your Community. Removing anyone from one of your Groups does not uninstall their account; it simply eliminates them from the Party.

How do i leave or withdraw from a group in my student

You will archive a class until you’ve finished teaching it. When a class is archived, all students and teachers in the class are archived as well. Students and teachers in the class will continue to see it on their Classes page if you don’t archive it.
There is no way to reverse the deletion of a class. You will lose access to any class posts or comments if you press Delete. Your class files are still available in the class Drive folder for you and your students.
You can permanently uninstall a class if you decide you’ll never use it again. Before you can delete a class, you must first archive it. A class can only be deleted by the primary teacher. A class cannot be deleted by co-teachers.

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