How to change username on animal jam

How to change username on animal jam

How i changed my animal jam username

Hello, Jammers! We understand you have concerns about changing your Animal Jam username, and we’d like to answer them. Yes, you are able to change your Animal Jam username, but keep in mind that you can only do so once.
If you want to update your Animal Jam username, you can send an email to [email protected] and provide some stuff. If you have purchased an Animal Jam membership, you must include your current username, four separate new username options, and your Animal Jam Transaction ID, which helps verify you own the Animal Jam account.
If you want to update your username, keep in mind that there are certain rules to obey. You can’t use special characters like!! or ## $ in your username. You must also submit four options because one or two of your options could already be in use, so make sure you are satisfied with the four options you choose to use. You also can’t use your username to provide personal details including your phone number or address. You can’t use first or last names, even if they’re from your favorite band, artist, or actor, and they can’t appear real, even if they’re fabricated. You still can’t use rude or offensive language in your username, so double-check your latest options before sending them.

How to change your username in animal jam!

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How to change your username in animal jam!!


How to change your username on animal jam

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How to change your username on animal jam

How do I change my Animal Jam username? I tried emailing ajhq, but I’m not sure if it really went to ajhq, and I’m sick of my current username, aerial6578. Any answers to support my member? I’m not sure whether it’s my machine or the website. I’m just curious as to how I can change my Animal Jam username. I’ve tried everything (edited by administrators)1 Have you contacted [email protected]? If you did, you might have to wait up to two days for a response. If my understanding is right, they will ask for some details about your account and what you want as your new username once you receive your feedback. Your username should be updated until they have the detail.

How to change your animal jam username

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Animal jam how to change your username!

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How to change your aj username (working 2017) +

If you really wish to delete your Animal Jam player account, send an email to [email protected] with the requested details. If you have an Animal Jam membership, you must send in the Animal Jam player account username, the parent email address, and the Animal Jam transaction ID.
We do not exchange sensitive information about our customers with unaffiliated third parties for direct marketing purposes. Please contact us at [email protected] or write to us at Animal Jam PO Box 3624, Salt Lake City, UT 84110-3624 with any concerns about our disclosure policy.
Logging into the Parent Tools here: can help you find your Username. Choose the “Forgot Password” option at the login screen and follow the instructions emailed to you to reset your password.
Our support team will assist you with changing your username. Please keep in mind that a username can only be modified if it is already active and has not been revised previously. Please use the option below to request a ticket and fill out the corresponding form so that our team can assist you as soon as possible.

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