How to change language on galaxy s5

How to change language on galaxy s5

Galaxy s5: how to switch/add different keyboard language

In the United States, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is automatically equipped with the input and display language “English US.” It’s possible that you’d like to upgrade your device’s language to something else. On your Samsung Galaxy S5, we show you where to find the settings in Android KitKat. You must navigate from your Samsung Galaxy S5’s home screen to the menu, and then to the device settings. Go to the “system” section and tap the “Language and Input” menu button. Tap “english” in the next submenu, then choose your preferred language for the Samsung Galaxy S5. The language is instantly recognized, and text will now be presented in the language that was previously selected. On the Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android KitKat, you now know how to modify the interface language.
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How to change language on samsung galaxy s5

Follow these steps to change the language on your Samsung Galaxy S5. If your Samsung Galaxy S5 is in a language other than the one you normally use, either because it was imported or second-hand, or because you changed the language by accident and want to change it back, follow these steps.
To begin, go to the Samsung Galaxy S5 settings, which is the cogwheel icon, which should be on the home screen or in the phone’s menu, which you can access by dragging your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen.
Check for the language you want to change your Samsung Galaxy S5 to in the chart, or use the magnifying glass icon in the upper right to use the language search to find and pick the language you want to change it to.
After you’ve chosen the language you want to install on your Samsung Galaxy S5, a list of options will appear, enabling you to pick the appropriate region for that language. To install the dictionary that corresponds to your country or geographical area, you must first select the appropriate region.

Samsung galaxy s5 – how to add / remove a different

We all know that the Galaxy S5’s default language is English, but keep in mind that it is actually available in over 150 countries. This is the ideal excuse to change the language on your Samsung Galaxy S5: perhaps you want to use your mother tongue, or perhaps you want to plan for your next holiday, or perhaps you prefer the language you are learning, and so on.
You have complete freedom to change the language of your Samsung Galaxy S5 for whatever reason. You can change the system language, the keyboard language, and we even have a workaround for those unfortunate situations when the language you want isn’t available on this Samsung Galaxy S5 model.
That was all there was to it! Your Samsung Galaxy S5 will automatically switch to your chosen language without the need for a reboot, but be careful! You should also be aware that the language for the keyboard will not change after you update your Galaxy S5 system; however, you will need to follow a separate guide to do so:

How to enable & change any language on samsung galaxy

This article will show you the various methods for changing your language and communicating peacefully in a foreign language. Whether it’s to mount a QWERTY or AZERTY keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy S5, or because you’ve had it with the automated corrector that corrects your errors that aren’t, you’ve come to the right spot. Then, first and foremost, you’ll learn how to modify the keyboard language on your Samsung Galaxy S5 using just a messaging app. Then, in the second position, how to adjust it by going through the phone’s settings.

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