How to block text messages on galaxy note 4

How to block text messages on galaxy note 4

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In the Android messaging app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you can automatically block SMS messages from unique contacts or phone numbers. A so-called blacklist or block list is used for this reason, to which you can add numbers that are unable to send you SMS messages. The blacklist feature is performed in Android under the name “spam filter.” We’ll show you how to connect a phone number to Android’s spam filter on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
Open the messages app from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s Home screen, then tap the three-point icon in the top right to go to the rundown. Then go to Spam filter –> Settings. The spam filter can be activated or disabled in the next menu at the top right controller. The filter’s choices can then be used. As a next move, press: – Numbers to be added to Spam You can now add a phone number to the blacklist by pressing the plus symbol, or you can pick a contact from the Contacts app. A general filter-rule can also be allowed in the spam filter, which automatically rejects all messages from unknown senders. Set a hook in the checkbox “Block unknown senders” as a result. You now know how to use your Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s spam blocker. You can no longer accept text messages from the numbers or people you have added to your spam filter.

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4. Tap “Block & report spam” on the Details tab.

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5. Choose whether you want to mark the text messages as spam from the pop-up menu. If you do, mark the “Report spam” box. However, clearing the checkbox if you don’t want to report the messages is an alternative. To block all future messages from this sender, tap “OK.”
On Android, how do you unblock text messages?
If you’ve blocked text messages from a particular sender but later decide you want to receive messages from them again, you can unblock them with a few taps.
1. Tap the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen in the Messages app on your Android.
2. Select “Spam & disabled” from the drop-down menu.

Samsung galaxy note 4: how to add and block spam email

Many message filtering applications are available on the web to block text messages on an Android smartphone. However, if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you won’t need to download or install any text message blocking software.
With the built-in spam feature on the Galaxy Note 4, you can block text messages (MMS or SMS) simply by adding phone numbers or contacts to a block list. So, let’s see how to block or unblock text messages on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
Phase No. 5: Tap and hold the phone number you want to unblock on the Add to spam numbers screen. After that, pick “Delete” and then “OK” to remove the blocked phone number from the list of blocked numbers.

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With so much of our personal information floating around the internet, spam calls, messages, and emails are almost impossible to avoid. Unfortunately, this isn’t confined to the internet; filling out your contact details on a raffle ticket in the hopes of winning the gleaming new car in the mall, for example, can lead to a barrage of spam texts containing dubious loan offers. To address this, Samsung Messages takes a very simple approach to dealing with spam texts from unknown sources, giving you full power over who sends you messages. In addition, if your partnership becomes sour, the app allows you to blacklist people already in your contacts list.
Spam Texts in Samsung Messages are Blocked
When you get a pointless text from an unknown source, simply open it and select “Block number” in the upper-right corner. If you want to fully delete the thread, tap “Delete chat” from the confirmation prompt at the bottom, then press “OK” in the lower-right to prevent the number from sending you messages in the future. Open the thread in question and tap the three-dot menu button to show more options if you want to block a touch, on the other hand. Select “Delete contact” from the overlay now, and then “OK” on the confirmation prompt to permanently block the contact. It’s worth remembering that in group chats with someone you’ve blocked, neither you nor that person will be able to see each other’s messages from the moment you block them, but you’ll still be able to read older messages if you haven’t deleted the group chat. This article was written as part of Gadget Hacks’ unique coverage of mobile texting, instant messaging, calling, and audio/video chatting. Take a look at the entire Chat sequence.

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