How to add audio to keynote

How to add audio to keynote

How to add audio to keynote on ipad 2

When you drag an audio file onto a slide in Keynote, it appears as a 5353 pixel version of the Sound icon in the OS X menu bar. If you don’t adjust the audio settings for the placed audio file before giving your presentation, the audio file will begin to play when you get to the slide. But what if you want more power over the audio playback, similar to movie files, which have a location slider, playback, and volume controls? You can get the same controls on your audio files, it turns out.
Simply increase the size of the positioned audio icon, then shift your mouse into the larger region when in presentation playback mode. (While editing the presentation, the controller is hidden.)
When you mouse over the region in presentation mode and increase the size of the audio icon, you’ll see more and more control options. You’ll see all the same controller features as a QuickTime movie once you’ve hit 400 pixels in size:
When you’re in edit mode, you’ll notice that as you increase the size of the Sound icon, it gets bigger. This symbol, like the standard-sized icon, will not appear in presentation mode. Simply move your mouse into the region of the wide icon to access the audio playback controls while in presentation mode, and the controller will appear.

Using keynote to create narrated videos

Notice that audio and video files must be in a format that QuickTime on your Mac or tablet understands. If you can’t connect or play an audio or video file, try converting it to a QuickTime file in MPEG-4 audio or H.264 video format using iMovie, QuickTime Player, or Compressor.
When you have a soundtrack in your presentation, the music starts playing as soon as the presentation begins. If there are any slides with audio or video already, the soundtrack will play on those slides as well.
Choose Keynote > Preferences (from the Keynote menu at the top of your screen), then General, then “Copy audio and movies into document” if you want to play your presentation on a different machine or device. This means that the soundtrack is available anytime you want to listen to it.

Keynote quick tip – add multiple audio tracks easily

The ability to position a video or audio clip through several slides is a new function in Keynote. As you progress through the presentation, the media will continue to play. This can be used to improve introduction slides or to show a video over a series of slides with different details at different times.
So, in Keynote 10.1, you can still put videos and audio on slides, but if the same video or audio appears on the next slide, you can opt to make the video or audio continue to play from one slide to the next.
As this is a function of 10.1, make sure you have the most recent version installed. I’ve included a video on this slide as an example. If I were to make a new slide here, I would usually only put the video on one slide. As a result, I might play the video on one slide and then move on to the next slide without it. If I had to choose this now, I’d copy it and paste it onto the next slide. As a result, the video will be available in both locations. When I select the video, I now have the option to Play movie through slides under Format, Movie.

How to add video & music files in keynote presentations

You’re attempting to add a soundtrack to the slideshow rather than a text. I’m afraid there isn’t a way to do this for applescript. This is normally done manually in the Inspector->Documents->Audio section. There is also no applescript command for the Share->Send To->YouTube command.
It appears that applescripting keynote would not allow you to accomplish either of your goals. Applescript commands are not available in Keynote. It also doesn’t have any keyboard shortcuts for those stuff, so GUI scripting isn’t an option. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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