How do you go back to a specific date on facebook?

How do you go back to a specific date on facebook?

How to change the date on facebook posts

A new “fast scan” feature will help you sift through hundreds or thousands of posts to find just what you’re searching for. The key to this feature is that it is only available on desktop computers… If you want to use this feature, put your phones down and take a seat at your desk. To do so, go to the timeline of the person you want to search. Simply navigate down the list until you’ve arrived at their page. You’ll see a menu appear on the top left of your screen after scrolling down a little bit. It appears as follows:
Simply click the drop down menu under “Recent” to move to a specific year. You can also look for someone’s posts by going to a particular year. You can then dig down even more and even skip to a specific date and year.
This is where the role comes into play. You built a permanent bookmark by sharing the article on social media. You will find the helpful blog by going to your own timeline and estimating the month and year it was written. This is far preferable to having to browse through years of messages.

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Is there a way to scan for previous posts you’ve made in the “on this day” archives? I can only see today’s “one this day” alerts in my notifications, and I can’t look for previous “on this day” notifications.
If you remember what day it was, go back to that day/the day before or after it, and scan every year until you find it. I had forgotten to save anything from yesterday’s memories, so I went back to yesterday’s date and went through my operation for 2019, 2018, and so on before I found it.

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To adjust your Memories notification settings, open Memories Settings by selecting the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Then, under Notifications, choose how much you want to be updated about your memories.
The Memories section is found at the bottom of the Stories Archive tab. On This Day is a regular refresher that shows you a story from one or more years ago that you wrote on the same day. The memory can then be posted as an Instagram story or removed from the same list.
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Consider converting your column of date numbers into a datetime array and using that datetime array to turn your data matrix into a timetable if you’ll be doing a lot of processing for this data based on the dates. After that, you can use a timerange to extract data from the timetable based on the times for each row, as seen in the “Subscript on Time Range” section of this documentation page. You may also use a particular time basis to resample or compile your timetable data, as seen here.
Thank you so much, Steven. To accomplish this, I will take the following steps: datetime(X,’ConvertFrom’,’datenum’) t = datetime(X,’ConvertFrom’,’datenum’) TT = array2timetable(X,’RowTimes’,rowTimes) TT = array2timetable(X,’RowTimes’,rowTimes) TT = array2timetable Will this work with the data I have in my cells? There are five decimal positions in these decibel values. To be honest, I’m not sure why I’m using datenum… I began my Matlab adventures by using code from a former grad student at the lab where I work (to answer the same questions but with different data), and for some reason, all of her code uses those. The format of my raw date/time data is yyddmmHHMMSS. Is it possible to translate this format to datetime directly? Is it also possible to use the rowtimes with a timetable? I’d like to use them as the values for the x-axis in a graph.

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