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This community is driven by strategic thinking and meticulous preparation. You can read opponents and find ways to win thanks to your acute knowledge. You take pride in outsmarting your opponents; you’re a natural shotcaller.
You win by team unity and self-sacrifice, free of ego. You’re upbeat, tenacious, and willing to fight for your team in the face of adversity. You’re the one that begins the comeback when all seems to be lost.
It’s difficult to put someone who prides themselves on being innovative and trying new things. You’re known for trying out unusual styles, builds, and techniques that most people wouldn’t consider. You love it when the other team questions you until you’re about to take their Nexus.
It should come as no surprise that this is the case. You’re fearless in a crucial moment with the game on your shoulders, and you’re aggressive, professional, and unafraid of a pivotal moment. You appreciate the pressure of leading a team and the difficulty of competing against a professional opponent.
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G2 Esports upset South Korean Champions SK Telecom on the site of a former Bullring in Madrid on Sunday (SKT). G2 Esports will now travel to Paris to meet FunPlus Phoenix in a bid to become the first team in League of Legends history to win a Grand Slam.
G2 Esports will finish the year with a chance to make League of Legends history. The G2 Army will become the first ever Grand Slam Champions if they defeated FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) in the 2019 World Championship final, having won all international tournaments and their two domestic finals. With the title in hand, G2’s strategy against China’s FPX will be fascinating to watch. Against SKT, their unorthodox approach to victory was successful. G2 came out on top by giving up a large number of objectives in return for the chance to capture misplaced players. G2 Esports won two games with no Barons vs. SKT, who won one. G2 wasn’t able to take the first Baron until Game four of the series. League of Legends teams were 5-61 at Worlds heading into Sunday’s matchup, with zero Barons taken. Invictus Gaming, in their storied single Baron victory at the 2018 World Final, was the only other team to win at this stage with only one Baron.

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In esports, the issue of contact between players and coaches has always existed in all teams. One of the key reasons they began staying in the same building, the gaming house, where they would have everything they wanted to practice, was because of this.
It wasn’t long ago that training consisted of basic phone calls between team members, which were ineffective because they were not direct contact. Language barriers arose as a result of the fact that not everyone was of the same ethnicity, and the organisations began to demand a high standard of English proficiency.
In order to improve the team’s success, the gaming house was built, a home like any other where players could feel at ease and practice together in the same space. The regular contact between team members resulted in a higher level of mutual confidence, which was reflected in training and match performance.
On the other hand, tournaments and leagues started to be held in person, and it is certain that it was not cost-effective for a team to pay for each member’s plane ticket, so the gaming house was established near the events. Aside from being able to communicate in English, one of the most important requirements for joining a professional team is the willingness to live in another country.

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Houses dedicated to League of Legends. Every Sunday at 7 p.m. central, we host 5v5 custom games. I’d like to see more people enter the discord server and play with us. So, if we have all ten people this Sunday, I’d like to do something! When people turn up and we all get to play, it’s a lot of fun. If everyone turns up on Sunday, June 25th, it will be a success. I’ll draw names at random from all those who attend the in-house and give them any $10 skin or champion.
We’ve come up with a solution if we don’t have all ten people we need to start the 5v5 in-house. If not all ten people turn up, we play some fun custom games with the people who do show up. If only eight people show up for in-houses, for example, we can start a 4v4 game on Howling Abyss. This fun game mode was created by @justicarAB, and we’ve been playing it a lot lately. Since there is only one path, we have all eight people in the same discord channel, yelling at each other. It’s not as extreme as the 5v5 and summoners rifts, but it’s still a lot of fun to enjoy. In this game mode, 3v3s and even 2v2s are entertaining to play.

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