High country brute force

High country brute force

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I’m not sure why my first post didn’t go through. I was bored and wanted to study them on the internet. I was curious as to what happened to them. They were, in my opinion, at the top of the pack a long time ago, only to vanish with no ads, ratings, or news. I had to see if they were still in business, and then I saw their 2010 bows, which are fantastic. So, what really happened?
As previously reported, their latest bow for 2011 is known as the X-11, and word on the street is that it will be extremely quick and light… This 4.2 pound package is for you. Not bad for someone who despises dragging their bow up the side of a mountain in pursuit of goats, sheep, and other small animals. This season, it’ll most likely be either that bow or the Carbon Element bow. So far, I’m enjoying the CE.
Nathan Land took over two years ago and has been working hard to get things back on track, from quality to customer service, which, according to what I’ve heard, was a joke!!! In 2009, I had a lot of success with them, and I’d fire their bows again in a heartbeat. The only reason I didn’t keep it was that there were no dealers anywhere near us when we moved to Mt. Regardless, these are high-quality bows that are lightning fast and have incredible fit and finish on the newer bows. If you’ve never shot them before or remember doing so in the past, give them a shot.

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The best bowstrings and cables for your Brute Force 14 are available from ABB “High Country has a limb for you. Your compound will fire better than it ever has with our custom strings. With zero stretch, zero peep rotation, and no serving isolation, along with all of Americas Best Bowstrings’ other patented bowstring innovations, you can’t go wrong with Americas Best Bowstrings! This string has been created to help you get the most out of your Brute Force 14 “a limb At no additional expense, Speed Nocks are mounted (if necessary) at factory-determined locations. We only use our Power Grip Center Serving because it holds the string better, is more sturdy, and allows for a better nock fit. Our strings also feature ABB’s exclusive Ultra End Loops, which improve the string’s fit on your bow. Simply go shoot with ABB, and as we always say, “Peace of Mind is Priceless”!
We only use the highest-quality BCY fibers, combined with our proprietary string-building processes, to create bowstrings that are unsurpassed in quality, durability, and performance. You can easily order your bowstring exactly the way you want it with our advanced custom string builders. Simply pick your model, color scheme, and place your order. It’s that easy!

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Compound bow from High Country, the X12. The object is in used condition. Completely loaded 60lb limbs with a 27-29” draw. 8 speed pro max arrows are included (4 uncut). The bow is set at a draw length of 26.5 inches, a weight of 54 pounds, and a speed of 321 feet per second. Purchased new and only used for one season. The state is excellent.
The High Country X12 Compound Bow is a compound bow with a 12-pound draw weight. The object is in used condition. The bow is fully loaded. 8 speed pro max arrows are included (4 uncut). Bow is set to a draw length of 26.5” and a weight of approximately 55 lbs. The camera is set up to shoot at 321 frames per second. Purchased new and only used for one season. Quite good condition
High Country Compound Bow was used. The object is in used condition. There is no carrying case included with this item. Bow is in good condition and has been well cared for. It takes a little work to pull it out. This bow has a 65 percent let off.
A COMPOUND BOW is what this object is. HIGH COUNTRY ARCHERY MADE. SAFARI MODEL The bow has been used and is in good shape. MULTI-COLOR Choices Because the bow is absolutely fading, I am unable to provide you with the Draw length or Weight.
Compound bow from High Country Trophy Hunter in excellent condition. The bow is right-handed and has a draw length of 29 to 30 inches. The weight is set at 55 pounds and can be increased to a maximum of 70 pounds. It comes with a whisker biscuit rest and a single pin fiber optic sight that works flawlessly. The string is in good condition with no fraying. This is an outstanding hunting bow. In their day, High Country bows were the best of the best, and each one was handcrafted in Idaho.

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Archers torquing the string off the cam and limb loss are two big issues with bows. Barnesdale limbs are used by High Country and are known as the best in the industry. The Pro X11 has the deepest cam I’ve ever seen, according to Nathan Land (owner of High Country), it’s this deep to prevent archers from torquing the string off the cam.
I told Nathan that I needed customer service and that if anything went wrong, it needed to be fixed. When it comes to customer support, PSE is unrivaled, and I will not deal with any bow business unless they have the same level of service. Nathan assured that customer support would be their top priority.

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