Hidden sender address

Hidden sender address

4 hidden samsung messages features you must know

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Please accept my apologies if this is the incorrect forum; I was undecided whether to post here or under mobile phones. Anyway, please see the attachment… the message “Hidden sender address” will not go anywhere. I delete it, and I delete the cache on my computer, but it keeps reappearing…again and again (like that cat for my fellow Canuks). My provider (Virgin Mobile Canada) told me it was most definitely a phone problem because there were no messages on their system. But I’m here… Any ideas…?
UPDATE: I believe I’ve fixed it, and it was entirely by chance. I wanted to see how well Hangouts worked as an SMS app. As a consequence, when I set Hangouts as my default SMS, it automatically imported all of my SMS/MMS. And when it did, a cryptic MMS from an unknown sender was bolded (i.e. “unread”). After that, I was able to delete these texts, and the message vanished!

Iphone 6 tips – how to filter unknown senders in messages

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Block hidden emails and reveal real sender!

I was looking at my phone when I found that I had a message that I was linked to a multimedia center, but I don’t have one and am not in near proximity to someone who does. Even though it said to click here to open, I couldn’t find a way to close it. I couldn’t find a response on the forum either. But I attempted a hard restart after a hard shutdown. It vanished, but I now receive a text message smiley with the message “hidden sender address.” I’m not going to open until there’s a debate going on here. Is there anybody who knows what this is?
Delete the email with the “secret sender address.” If there is any data or text in the email at all, do not open it…there are no known viruses for the Droid, but you might be ground zero. And, hopefully, that’s all there is to it. ——— Dan djwil wrote:I was looking at my phone and found that I had a message that I was linked to a multimedia center, but I don’t own one and am not in near proximity to someone who does. You may have accidentally put your phone near a battery or a speaker that isn’t shielded. Magnets activate the phone’s dock mode, which has happened to me before. (On one occasion, I put my phone on top of an iHome speaker)

3 hidden gmail secrets you never knew (gmail tips and

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