Group messaging on galaxy s4

Group messaging on galaxy s4

How to send bulk / group sms on samsung galaxy s4

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I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 and have had no issues sending or receiving MMS. It has been attempting to submit MMS for the past two days but has never succeeded, and when I receive them, I am given the option to download but am unable to do so. Please tell me how to fix this.
Hello, Matt. I’m having the same problems as you. The first two or three days were perfect, but I’ve been without MMS for three months. I’ve been through all of the settings and constantly sent myself links… is there something you can do to assist?
Have you had a chance to try your SIM in a different phone to isolate the problem?
I’ve even sent you a private message. If you could respond with your details, I’ll be able to look into this further.
MargaretG is a writer who lives in the United Send a photo to 176 667 just to make sure you have the right settings. (This is a complimentary service.) MMS is set up and ready to use on your phone if you receive a photo message from us.

Samsung galaxy s5: how to send a message to a contact

When you send community messages as MMS, your phone holds all of the responses in one line. It also doesn’t count against your text messaging use, so those texts won’t appear on your monthly bill in the text messaging section.
If you set your phone to send messages to multiple recipients as separate messages, this will be reflected in your use information, which will look something like this (depending on your messaging app):
If you have a feature phone, this should not be a problem since by default, feature phones break community messages into individual messages. Furthermore, if you’re using a messaging app like What’s App or one of the many others, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Using samsung galaxy s4 to send group text messages

For several people, a recent update to (Android) Messaging appears to have reset a setting that causes community messages to be sent as multiple SMS messages instead of one MMS message. The error message “This Conversation is now a mass text” can appear. You will send an SMS message to each receiver. Specific conversations will receive responses.”
Unfortunately, I am unable to use the solution. I have an Android 5.1 Moto X 1st Gen with all device updates. I followed the steps outlined in the RW solution email (which you mentioned), but it did not fix the problem for me. The approach worked for the rest of my family, who have newer phones (Moto X Pure and G4).
So, can you explain what you mean when you say “did not fix the problem for me?” When you try to send a group email, do you still get the warning? Are you having trouble sending texts? Were you unable to complete the steps?
I’ve never got such community text warnings, but the rest of my family has. Again, I believe it is linked to the phone’s age and OS version. Yeah, it “takes” now that I’ve adjusted the Group Text setting, but when I send out the group text, it’s received as a 1::1 text. When I receive a community text, it is formatted as 1::1. Last weekend, my family and I were texting about it, and it became apparent that I was the only one who was still having problems.

Android tutorial: how to send and be in group texts! just

When you’re deciding where to go for dinner with your parents, group texts can be useful for organizing several people at once.

Samsung galaxy s4 – message app customisation & settings

However, if they’re used too much, they may become irritating. You may want to quit the community text if you’re getting overwhelmed with alerts. Unfortunately, unlike iPhones, Android phones do not allow you to send a group text message. And if you can’t completely delete yourself from a group chat, you can also mute alerts from it. You’ll no longer get messages, but you’ll still be able to use the community text. Continue reading to learn how to silence an Android community email.
Take a look at the following items listed in this article:
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How to silence or delete a community text on Android
1. Tap on your messaging app to open it. We’ll be using the Messages app that comes pre-installed on Android phones for this tutorial. 2. To mute a conversation, tap and hold it. 3. In the bottom-left corner of the phone, tap the “Notifications” button.

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