Grant leading technology

Grant leading technology

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Model and manage your own grant forms and processes through various grant programs using an award-winning drag-and-drop forms designer and an intuitive and non-technical administration gui.
On-line forms that are professionally presented and simple to use, with a variety of practice-proven features to assist applicants and ensure the accuracy and completeness of application data at the time of submission.
Examination and evaluation stages can be single or multi-staged. Providing total accountability in the process and the right to investigate decisions. Offering tried-and-true workflow solutions for streamlining processes while maintaining due diligence and procedure continuity.
Manage various funding sources with multiple fund budget allocations. With a complete transactional record of obligations, payments, write-offs, refunds, and supplements, you can endorse planned, claim-based, and milestone-based payment systems.
Manage grantee progress reporting requirements by ensuring that all data collected during the grant application and project implementation process is available to support management information and donor reporting requirements.

Glatt @ corden pharma: world leading technology in

Federal, state, and local governments, as well as higher education, academic, and biomedical agencies, and charitable organizations, use grant management solutions to fulfill their fiduciary obligations in demonstrating transparency and accountability in managing grant efficiency. This sector focuses on the solutions currently available to state and local governments, where there is substantial overlap in the markets served by the solution providers currently operating in the United States. The majority of the time, the solutions are designed to handle both grantor and grantee process life cycles. Grant management solutions are a business process management framework that has been tailored to the grant management domain.

Microsoft presents gladstone grant with dream it, do it

TLOS is pleased to announce the launch of a new set of institutional grants for Virginia Tech students and faculty. From seed grants to develop cutting-edge innovation to large-scale curricular overhaul and competitive research grants, there is something for everyone.
Innovation in Learning (IL) Grants help with the introduction and assessment of emerging technologies-based approaches to teaching and learning. They encourage the use of emerging technology in teaching and learning without restricting or prescribing the technologies’ or curricular and pedagogical methods’ discovery.
We’re still looking for new ways to use technology to further improve teaching and learning outcomes. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a new idea or need help integrating technology in your classroom.

Ati programme: r&d funding for smaller business

“Our strategy of keeping R&D in New Zealand and hiring local talent to help international growth is now paying off, and it is a key force behind our place on the global stage as a credible value-based tech house,” Docking says.
“We have an increasing pool of technical talent – both graduates and seasoned professionals – ready to develop and deliver our products globally. This strategy gives us the versatility we need to finish projects that our far larger rivals can’t.”
“Now that we’ve moved into our current, much larger global headquarters, we have space to expand significantly in order to meet our R&D goals. The market for creative smart tech solutions is higher than ever, boosted by the Smart Grid boom in the energy sector and global changes in the water industry.”

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