Google vision board

Google vision board

Creating a vision board using google drawings

A vision board is a collage of pictures and words that reflect the goals you want to do in life–the things you want to do, learn, and be. Every year, I make a vision board for myself, and it occurred to me how beneficial this opportunity might be for our students.
Vision boards are often not digital; instead, they are made by cutting images from magazines and gluing them together on posterboard. Although this is entertaining and tangible, it might not be suitable for use in the classroom.

Vision board: shared google slide

Vision, also known as visiun, is a term that refers to a dream or an appearance. In addition, the term visio (Genitiv: visionis) is used in the Lateinischen, and it refers to the senses of seeing, looking, and appearing.
„Pay attention to your thoughts, so they will become words. Keep an eye on your words, because they can become actions. Be aware of your behavior, as they will become habits. Pay attention to your habits, because they can define your personality. Keep an eye on your character, because he’ll be your savior.“ – Reade, Charles

How to make a vision board using google slides

Getting a vision board is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to visualize your goals and stay focused. It’s a tangible image of where you’re headed… a physical manifestation of your hopes, aspirations, and motivated existence. This is a technique I’ve used for decades, and chances are you have as well.
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(After you’ve installed the app and created your first vision board, you’ll be prompted for this information.)

Make a digital vision board with me! step by step

A vision board is a visual reminder of a greater life purpose that includes photographs, quotations, and affirmations. Put an image of a sports car on your vision board, for example, if you really want to buy one. The traditional method requires you to post photos on physical boards, which, as you might know, are difficult to transport and display on a regular basis. A phone with a vision board app, on the other hand, might easily solve the dilemma. Here are the best vision board apps to help you accomplish your objectives.
The app has a folder of affirmations that are neatly organized. You also have the option of writing your own affirmations by hand. However, with so many built-in templates, you’d be hard-pressed to do so. There’s also the option to set a regular affirmation reminder if you’re one of those people who needs inspiration first thing in the morning. Moreover! You should add your own calming voice to the affirmations if you’re a singer like me.
VisuApp, unlike My Vision Board, is also available for iPhone users.
It, like the other applications, allows you to add pictures to your vision board. You have the option of writing on the images or adding a weblink to your dreams. For example, if you come across a car you want to buy or a movie that makes you want to travel, you can connect them together.

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