Google slides newsletter template

Google slides newsletter template

Creating interactive newsletters in slides

There are 21 page choices included, so you can choose the look you want for each month of the school year (or choose the same ones for a few months in a row- it’s entirely up to you!). Due to the artist’s terms of use, art cannot be transferred, but I tried to set it up so that it looks fantastic and that you can only enter your details and be ready to go!
Please note that the black box sizes and the days of the week table at the bottom of this resource are not editable; however, you should be able to fit your information into them. I originally designed them in this manner in order to assist teachers and give them a head start. If you want something even more editable, I recently re-worked my weekly newsletter resource (which includes everything you get here, plus 124 MORE options!) and made everything (except the clip art) 100 percent editable. The weekly collection could be a better match for you if you want more freedom to switch and rearrange things. You should always send out your news on a monthly basis, but now you have a lot more choices! 🙂 I hope this information is useful.

Creating a newsletter with google slides and remind

Take a fully accredited online course for graduate credit (Online Learning Best Practices, Linked Educators, or TESOL Methodologies) or get a copy of Hacking Digital Learning or The 30 Goals Challenge!
After you’ve finished creating your newsletter, save it as a PDF and upload it to this free website to get it translated into several languages. This website has a lot of advertising, so don’t select the ones that ask you to pay for the service. It’s free, and it did a decent job of maintaining my newsletter’s formatting and layout.
Take a fully accredited online course for graduate credit (Online Learning Best Practices, Linked Educators, or TESOL Methodologies) or get a copy of Hacking Digital Learning or The 30 Goals Challenge!

Create a newsletter template with google drawings

FRIDAY is here! What are some of the items that make Fridays extra special for you? My students get a longer break to get those extra wiggles out, and I love wearing jeans and grabbing a special coffee treat on the way to school. I have the perfect neutral instructor resume template for you if you’re working on your resume this weekend. If you need it, I’ll include a connection in my stories. Have a nice Friday!!
The interviewing season is rapidly approaching!
My husband and I collaborated to create editable resumes to assist you in securing your dream work. We’ve both taught in public and private schools, including primary, middle, and high school (as well as online)! We wanted to help you create eye-catching resumes so you can secure your dream work! ➕ I’ll be giving this away tomorrow along with something extra special!! Are there any other topics or tools you’d like to interview about? Let me know in the comments section below!
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Newsletter in google docs

As Technology Integration Specialists, Paul and I attend a number of engineering conferences and meetings.

Google docs – newsletter

We really enjoy sharing ideas and having discussions with our fellow EdTechies, and we have one of those every now and then “Oh, my goodness! Why hadn’t I thought of that before? “moments like this Fortunately, our most recent “Ah-ha” moment is one that many of you have been thinking about as well, particularly as we transition to 1-1 Chromebooks. I hope you enjoy this helpful hint as much as we did!
You can now add as many pictures and text boxes as you want.
You can put photos and text on top of each other, and you can change the background color or set a background image.
By simply adding another slide, you can create several pages.
You can either go to the file menu and select “Publish to the Web” to get a connection to the digital version of your newsletter, or you can download the file as a PDF to attach to an email, print, or submit via Skyward once you’re done.
When you’re ready to make the next newsletter the following week/month, simply open the previous week/newsletter month’s and choose File -> Make a Copy.
Then fill in the blanks with your new details.
This is fantastic!

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