Google password required mac

Google password required mac

Chrome not asking to save passwords fix (macos / windows

Are you having trouble accessing your e-mail on Mac Mail? When you open your inbox or want to send a message, the Mail app always asks for your password.
When Mac Mail keeps asking for your password, it’s usually because it can’t link to your network properly. Try resetting your internet if this happens when you’re searching your inbox or writing a message. There’s a fair chance it’ll be beneficial.
A issue with Mac Mail may often be caused by an external factor. It could be a server issue or something else completely out of your hands. In those situations, waiting it out may be the best option. I know it’s tedious to sit for 15 minutes and do nothing, but it may be the answer to your dilemma.
Passwords are usually saved in the keychain software on your Mac, but if you entered the password again for some reason and then saved it in your keychain, you could have entered it incorrectly, which may be the cause of your Mail issue. So, re-enter the password and double-check that you’ve typed it correctly.

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Apple Mail will sometimes ask for a password if your internet connection goes down, even if it is just for a short time. This is because it is unable to link to the email service provider successfully. Instead of testing if the internet link is actually working, Apple Mail seems to always think it’s a password problem.
Restart your Mac from the Apple menu (top left of screen) > Restart if you are confident you have internet access. This may seem unnecessary, but it ensures that Apple Mail has been absolutely closed and reopened. Inexperienced users can simply close the Mail window without completely exiting the app. Check to see if the email password prompt has vanished after restarting.
The simple trick is to use your email provider’s webmail service to double-check that the password you’re trying is right. Obviously, logging into the email provider’s system successfully verifies that the password you have on file is correct.
Your email service provider provides you with a website called “Webmail.” This helps you to access your email without having to install an app on your computer (such as Apple Mail or Outlook).

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Many email providers provide webmail, which allows you to access your email via a web browser like Safari rather than an email app like Mail. If you have an iCloud Mail account, for example, you can send and receive email using
Since the password you use for Mail is typically the same as the password you use for webmail, try using that password to sign in to webmail. If it doesn’t work there, it’s possible that your password is wrong. Your email provider will assist you in verifying your email settings and ensuring that you’re using the right Mail app password.

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It’s worth noting that if you have 2-Step Verification enabled – which should be the case for all – you won’t be able to grant less secure apps access to your account. But don’t worry, your account is safe and stable.
If you’re still getting “password wrong” errors after enabling access to less safe applications, it’s possible that you’re signing in from a new location or computer, or that the version of the Mail app you’re using doesn’t support 2-step verification.
I said earlier that you should have 2-step verification enabled on any service that provides it – and I still believe that – but you’d be forgiven if you don’t have it enabled, or even if you don’t know what 2-step verification is.
2-step authentication is just what it sounds like: a process of checking your identity in two steps rather than the conventional one. When you sign in, 2-step authentication expects you to enter your password first, followed by a code sent to your phone. It can take a little longer to sign in on untrusted devices, and things get more difficult if your phone isn’t nearby, but the ability to add an extra layer of protection to secure your personal details shouldn’t be passed up.

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