Google expedition kit

Google expedition kit

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We live in a world that is amazing, beautiful, and majestic. It is rich in history and culture, as well as being diverse and awe-inspiring. Bring it all to your students, take them places, show them around, and encourage them to explore and follow their own paths.
Going on high-definition virtual field trips can infuse new excitement to an everyday lesson, particularly nowadays, when everything around us seems to be so bleak and life isn’t a fun place to be in. Go places in virtual reality or use augmented reality to bring the world into your classroom; the choice is yours, and student participation is guaranteed!
The material – A groundbreaking collaboration with Encyclopaedia Britannica® to offer educators high-quality, selected, and personalized content, as well as student handouts and additional teacher tools.
Classroom Management – This is a brand-new feature that was built from the ground up. Teachers can now build playlists and save expeditions for offline use without needing to use the internet. Educators who are trying to better control their time should use this method to build classes and monitor their progress.

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Classrooms have no limitations with the Expeditions app.

Google expeditions – now self guided

Teachers are no longer bound by the confines of the classroom with VR and AR. Teachers will lead students through sets of 360° scenes and 3D objects, pointing out fascinating locations and artifacts along the way, using VR to digitally explore the world and AR to bring abstract concepts to life. For full engagement, a minimal setup is required. Taking your students on a once-in-a-lifetime VR or AR journey has never been simpler. To learn more, download the free app. There are hundreds of classroom adventures to choose from. Culture, science, the arts, and the natural world are all explored on expeditions. There’s something incredible to explore for every subject, whether you’re roaming with dinosaurs or looking at Renaissance sculptures. Unforgettable encounters are within scope. The Expeditions app, as well as the Cardboard viewer and Cardboard Camera, were designed to reach as many schools as possible. Inspiring students’ imagination and ingenuity You will improve the students’ ability to remember knowledge by helping them visualize information in a new way.

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Use a PO to pay? Please contact us for a quote right away. Kits for Virtual and Augmented Reality Aquila Education has everything you’ll need to get your augmented reality or virtual reality package up and running. The AR/VR package, our most famous product, allows you to take virtual field trips around the world as well as view objects up close in the room with you like never before! We can tailor a package to suit any need or budget, so get in touch with us today for a free quote. Do you have any questions about our kits? Here is a link to our website.

Google expeditions: smartphone and tablet use

Cardboard is the first augmented reality platform targeted at children, according to CNET.

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[15] VRODO commented on the website, sharing his hope for the future of interactive learning and defining virtual reality as a memory aid. Expeditions, according to Der Tagesspiegel, will provide students with a fresh perspective on subject matter while they are learning. [7] The technology website Chip Online noted that subjects like geography, history, and biology are suitable for a program like Expeditions, and gave it a positive review. Chip Online, on the other hand, questioned the cost of putting together a full Expeditions package, pointing out that not every student owns a smartphone. [4] According to Stiftung Lesen’s Sigrid Driver, content on the platform must be exciting in order to pique students’ attention and ensure that they interact meaningfully with the topics at hand. [number 16]

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