Google drive incredibles 2

Google drive incredibles 2

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Good: The animation in this film was excellent, as it was in most other Pixar films, it was funny (especially Jack Jack), and the action scenes in the film were great. I appreciated how the film demonstrated how, when performed correctly, parenting can be heroic. Bad: I felt this film had a number of drawbacks, the most serious of which was that the ending was fairly predictable; I saw it coming. Helen also had a feminism theme, which was great, but it seemed to shove it in my face at times, which became distracting. There was a little too much going on in the movie, and there were a few too many characters. I’m glad I saw the film; however, I doubt I’ll see it again anytime soon.

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Helen (voice of Holly Hunter) is charged with heading a movement to revive the Supers, while Bob (voice of Craig T. Nelson) deals with the day-to-day heroics of “normal” life at home with Violet (voice of Sarah Vowell), Dash (voice of Huck Milner), and baby Jack-Jack, whose superpowers are about to be uncovered. However, their mission is disrupted when a new villain appears with a clever and dangerous plan that threatens to derail everything. The Parrs, on the other hand, aren’t afraid of a challenge, particularly when they’re accompanied by Frozone (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson). That is what distinguishes this family.

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Helen Parr, the least disruptive of the supers, is chosen to carry out the stunt by publicly combating crime in New Urbem under the pseudonym Elastigirl. Winston provides the family with a new home as part of the scheme, and Bob promises to look after the children while Helen is away. Bob learns that Jack-Jack has a variety of superpowers when she is away, but he has trouble handling the family’s child. Bob seeks assistance from Edna Mode, a family friend and superhero costume designer, who initially declines to help until she sees Jack-superpowers Jack’s in motion. Helen is also confronted by the Screenslaver during her search, a mysterious villain who uses screens to project hypnotic images that can brainwash civilians.

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