Google docs scavenger hunt

Google docs scavenger hunt

Google docs scavenger hunt level 1

All IS ABOUT ME DIRECTIONS FOR THE POWERPOINT PROJECT: TO PROVIDE INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF, CREATE A TEN-SLIDE POWER POINT. Slide 1 is a title page slide that includes your name and a photo of yourself. Slide 2: The date of birth, as well as TWO major historical events that happened on that date, with photos of the events. (Be sure to include the year of each event.) Slide 3: Your name and what it means to you. What’s In A Name, Anyway?>> Slide 4: A description of your favorite foods is included, along with photographs of each object. To find pictures of each object, use an image search. Slide 5: Photographs of family and friends, with each participant identified. To identify each user, use text boxes and arrows. Slide 6: Your Choice: A definition of a hobby, zodiac symbols, a skill, or something else, with photos of each. (Advanced: movie with a hyperlink) Slide 7: Include pictures or movies of your top three favorite locations OR cities you’ve been. Slide 8: Music of your choosing, with photos of your favorite artists (s). (Advanced: music with hyperlinks) Slide 9: Your Future: Post-High School Plans Using careers/profiles/ to find majors and careers. to assist you with your job quest Slide 10: Favorite Quote, with image(s) of the person who said it and/or photos that apply to the quote. To assist you, go to

How to create a google form for a qr code scavenger hunt

It was a community game, lecture, or activity. The students needed to locate another student in the room who could complete the task on the square (even if they already knew how to do it). After the, that person had to demonstrate how to do it. For example, if the assignment was to “use voice typing to record your thoughts,” everyone in the class had to demonstrate how to do it on their computer (not just tell you they could do it). The students were then asked to write the name of the student who had shown them around.
One of the most important lessons learned was that there are many other people in our class who can assist us with technology (and it is OK to ask them for help). The students were granted clear permission to seek assistance from one another, as well as the assurance that the teachers would seek assistance from them as well.

How to use google forms to make scavenger hunt

We are Grant Wood AEA’s Digital Learning Team. We assist teachers in incorporating technology for a particular purpose. Follow us on Twitter for updates on #edtech and other creative applications of technology in education. Let’s work together to learn!
Fresh students and a steep technology learning curve accompany the start of the school year. My aim is to make learning to use technology enjoyable and interesting. That’s no small feat, considering how many tools we use! All of my incoming ninth-graders have…
Combining comics with more conventional selections will help students gain a better understanding of the content. Learning can be passed through this process, which is equivalent to using a poem to enhance an idea contained in a conventional prose text. When choosing a…
I see a lot of teachers encouraging blended lessons in my role as a blended learning instructor. The Station Rotation Model is especially common because it eliminates the need for each student to have their own unit. Instead, students take turns rotating…
What is the safest way to set off events? What are if/else statements and how do they work? When is it necessary to use a ‘forever’ loop in a game? Note: When checking materials, Scratch runs the code from top to bottom, so there is a small lag. Allow enough time for the code to run…

Engage students with an action (assistant on air)

Fresh students and a steep technology learning curve accompany the start of the school year. My aim is to make learning to use technology enjoyable and interesting. That’s no small feat, considering how many tools we use! “Literacy is a basic life skill that is required of young people if they are to succeed in life,” says one of my students. Students with strong reading and writing skills would be better prepared not only for their future academic careers, but also for the workplace. A stronger emphasis on Common Sense Education offers educators and students the tools they need to leverage the power of technology in their classrooms and in their everyday lives. Find a free K-12 Digital Citizenship program, as well as reviews of common EdTech apps and privacy tools for students.
Learning guides for eight individual texts and how they align to the #DisruptTexts foundations, created in collaboration with #DisruptTexts! We’re thrilled to collaborate with #DisruptTexts to bring you this resource to assist you in bringing equity to your classroom or library! These aren’t the only eight texts to consider; nevertheless, we hope…

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