Google cardboard no gyro

Google cardboard no gyro

How to watch play vr apps videos without gyroscope on

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I was disappointed because I had hoped to see VR videos for a long time and now it doesn’t have one. Nevertheless, I found out how to display VR content without a gyroscope, but you need a magnetic compass sensor for that, which luckily my computer had.
2. If your phone does not have a gyroscope sensor but does have a compass or a magnetic sensor, install the VR Player app from the Play Store. The software is available in two versions: a free version and a $ 2. 3 ad-free Pro version. Open the VR Player App and go to settings, Advanced, then Orientation Provider, then select “Android Rotation Vector” from the drop down menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

Cardboard app not compatible with device? no gyroscope

As a result, the newer gyro2.js plugin (since 1.19) uses the newer ‘devicemotion’ event as an alternative. This event generates more raw data, necessitating additional processing, but it allows for much more accurate and sensitive gyro monitoring.
‘deviceorientation’ may return data without a real gyroscope depending on the unit, but that data will be interpolated by the system from the other sensors. Usually, the consistency is poor and highly dependent on the unit. It may be ‘reasonable’ in some situations, but in others, such as VR, it would be a complete no-no.
As a result, you can either use the older gyro.js module instead of gyro2.js, or add sensor=”0″ to the gyro2 plugin declaration. This (undocumented) configuration instructs the gyro2 plugin to use the ‘deviceorientation’ event instead of the ‘devicemotion’ event for all gyro2 events.
I tried sensor=”0″ and it worked in portrait mode, but it was inconsistent in landscape mode (vertical turns, mirror jump). It’s a recipe for disaster when researching cardboard or other low-cost products. If there is no gyroscope sensor, the motion quality is low, as it is with older versions of gyro or other applications.

How to watch 360° videos without gyroscope ? [ no root

Hi, I have a phone with only a G-sensor (-_-), the screen is good and everything, but when it comes to 360 videos or VR apps, I can’t navigate with head movement because it doesn’t have a Gyro or compass, as I previously mentioned.
However, I saw that there is a Bluetooth controller that can help with that, but I don’t have one, so my question is: Can I use another Android phone as a controller to navigate in a 360 video or an app on the first phone that I’m using for VR, something like a mouse pad on the screen or something?

Cardboard apps that work without gyroscope

We do the same thing in the SetCompassHeading function, but only for the float value of the compass heading, and we use LerpAngle instead of Lerp because Lerp would give us incorrect angles if the value was greater than 180 degrees.
We can now monitor the cardboard using only a compass and an accelerometer module instead of a gyroscope. It’s not as accurate as a gyroscope, but it’s practical. If the computer has a gyroscope, you can use a detector to see if it has one, and if it does, you can disable the manual measurement and re-enable the track position and rotation booleans from the GVRHead.

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