Google calendar tasks disappeared

Google calendar tasks disappeared

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In BC 2, go to Calendars & Task Lists and make sure that all of your calendars and lists have the “color box” icon enabled. Calendars are often deselected as a result of calendar storage issues. However, if you’ve already reviewed the activation and the entries are still missing, the situation becomes more severe. You’ll need to know if you sync your calendars/lists or hold them locally at this stage. If you’ve synced your records, check the online calendar to see if your activities are there. If you answered yes, you can rest assured that your information is safe on the partner’s servers and that you are unaware of it due to a general sync problem. The issue can be easily resolved by deleting and re-adding the affected account in the Android OS Settings Accounts & Sync section (or similar). You’ll need your manual backup right now if you just saved your data locally. Local calendars are stored only locally (as the name implies) in your device’s calendar storage. They are not synchronized with any source and, as a result, are not stable. The user must perform the backup copy manually (for that reason we built in functions which allow the backup in BC 2). If there is even the tiniest problem with the calendar storage (which may be triggered by a system reboot) and you don’t have a backup, the non-secured data is lost forever. You can quickly import the files in the BC 2 Settings Maintenance Import calendars/lists if you have a backup copy.

Google calendar – delete multiple events at once

With the new natural input function, you can quickly build events. You can construct events simply by explaining them using natural language input. You can also dictate your event information instead of typing if your smartphone has Siri activated.
With the intention of providing you with the best user experience possible, we designed miCal with every function that we and other calendar users have been lacking. MiCal is a powerful calendar app with powerful features including highly customizable reminders, a regular dashboard, integrated weather forecast, eight different views, natural language feedback, and a widget designed specifically for iOS 8 to give you the easiest and most convenient rundown of your events and tasks ever.
MiCal is the calendar app you’ve always wished for on your iPhone or iPad. MiCal makes scheduling simpler, smoother, and more attractive than ever. MiCal displays activities, meetings, reminders, birthdays, weather, and a variety of other details.

New google calendar trash and restoring deleted events

Shift a job from one list to another if you change your mind on where it belongs. Highlight a job and press Shift+Enter, or click the pencil icon next to its name to switch it to another list. Select the list name, then select the list to which you want to pass this task from the drop-down menu.
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Top 5 google tasks tips you should use right now!

When I add tasks while Thunderbird is open, they appear, but when I close and restart Thunderbird, they vanish. There is no job at all, because it can be done anywhere (tasks panel, or “today panel”). It’s also not a case of tasks being hidden or unfinished.
“Auto proxy config URL” was my proxy configuration. I modified it to “Auto-detect proxy settings,” but the fifth error message remained, and no tasks were created. The 5th error message was gone and my tasks were restored when I changed it to “direct communication.”
So thank you for the workaround (even a patch for me because I didn’t need this proxy config anymore), and best of luck with the fix; it’ll be a lot simpler now that you’ve found the conditions that trigger the bug to appear! (And if you need any additional information about my configuration, just let me know…)
I’m afraid it doesn’t fit for me. Even after modifying the settings, my tasks are still missing; they are stored in the storage.sdb file but do not reload. They returned after a while for no apparent reason this morning, but not this afternoon.

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