Gokey boots website

Gokey boots website

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All of our boots and shoes are made in the true moccasin style, which features a flat foot bed with no cushioned insole and one, two, or three layers of leather underneath your feet, depending on the style. We are unable to build around orthotics/inserts because of the moccasin structure of our boots and shoes. Orthotics keep a moccasin from molding to your foot, which is what they’re supposed to do. We have a black poron slip sole that can be applied to double and triple vamp boots and shoes, as well as our double moccasin bottom construction, if you need any cushioning in your boots/shoes. A poron sock lining can be applied to single vamp boots and shoes. Thank you so much.

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I sometimes come across an old pair of leather boots when rummaging through my wardrobe. I still take a moment to look them over, maybe even pull them out to dust them off, no matter how urgent the issue of the day might be. And all of a sudden, the memories come flooding back…
The tale begins in my youth, in those days of grace when the day began with slipping out of the kitchen door and walking barefoot in the cold, dew-covered grass of the back lawn. And to walk down to the riverbank, where my mailman next-door neighbor Merv Chamberlian had a small shed that had previously acted as a cobbler’s store. It was open when I was a child, and inside were the mud-caked remains of his cobbler’s bench, as well as his tools, lasts, and dried-out leather hides stacked on shelves around the small space. It was abandoned after the flood of 1942. For an eight-year-old boy, it’s a treasure trove!
Merv and I became friends later, about the same time I became involved in Scouting and wanted to earn some merit badges, and he told me about the history of the cobbler’s store. He had learned the cobbler’s trade when he was younger. There was a boot company named Gokey at the time that made the best handmade leather boots for the outdoorsman. These were inspired by the “botte sauvage,” a type of French-Canadian footwear worn by the first voyageurs who explored the Great Lakes area.

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The best deal on the planet. Nothing beats handcrafted Gokey boots designed to your exact specifications for the best fit. Gokey is unique in that it is the only footwear company of its size that can make custom oxfords, hiking shoes, Snakeproof Boots, or upland boots in different weights to match your foot and your foot alone. Gokey will take your precise foot measurements to custom fit a shoe to your exact foot width, length, and arch, much as a fine tailor wants your own precise measurements for a tailored look and feel of a fine sport coat or silk shirt. Consider footwear that can last a lifetime or more while providing the luxury of being custom-made to your exact foot measurements. No other shoe manufacturer provides this level of custom fit cobbling on such a large scale.
Simply call our customer service department at 660-433-5401 to request a custom fit kit to be shipped to you, or better yet, if you are in the Columbia, Missouri area, stop by our factory, which is just a short drive off Interstate 70, to be personally measured by one of our master boot makers and tour the Gokey factory.

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I’ve always adored the Gokey Sandanona boots, which are now available at Orvis.

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They have a fantastic look and pair well with thick canvas pants in the field or khakis or jeans in more casual settings.

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I came across a pair for $80 on Ebay, which I love finding off-season offers on.

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They didn’t specify a size, but based on the measurements, they seemed to be a good match.

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That, combined with their customer-friendly return policy, persuaded me to buy.

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I tried them on when they arrived and was very pleased.

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It was 90 degrees outside at the time the boots arrived.
I kept these boots in the box for around six months after I bought them (in the summer).
I took them out at Christmas with the aim of resurrecting them.
I started by cleaning them with a wet rag and allowing them to dry.
I offered them a good dose of saddle soap the next day.
Here’s what you’ll see:
The boots seem to be in decent condition, but not excellent.
In fact, based on the amount of wear, I doubt these were worn more than 20 times.
The soles are still relatively fresh, and the scuffing is minimal.
The toes and sides of the shoes have bruises, indicating that the previous owner rode a motorcycle and/or spent time in a field.
It works for me, and the patina is beautiful.

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