Godaddy wordpress slow

Godaddy wordpress slow

Why is my wordpress site so slow? (5 reasons your website

Hello everybody, I’m new here, so if this type of post doesn’t belong here, please let me know. I’m using godaddy’s controlled wordpress hosting service to host my blog. My ecommerce/marketplace website is extremely sluggish. When using to analyze the page and heading to the waterfall tab, this request takes 6+ seconds. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this data, but I do know that my site needs to load faster. I see woocommerce in there, but that isn’t important to the site’s functionality. I’m looking for some guidance on where to go from here. I’m technically inclined, but I’m new to web hosting, front end growth, and so on. EDIT: I ended up switching to SiteGround for hosting, and it’s at least twice as easy. Thank you very much!! There are currently 8 comments. 67 percent sharesavehidereport Voted up This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

Dont buy godaddy web hosting it is too slow l

My services are hosted at Godaddy on a 4H account that covers five servers. One of those five has been falling for the past two days, causing my pages to unexpectedly fail to load or take an average of 1459 milliseconds to pull a very small website.
Traceroutes are weird – the same host is listed twice, and the final hop flicks between two hosts – when it works, it stops faster than when it doesn’t, so it appears that there’s a routing snafu on their end.
Personally, I cannot vouch for godaddy’s value-added services. The first positive experience I had with them was shutting down my services and canceling billing two nights ago… the lady who answered the phone was extremely professional and pleasant… while the two tech support calls I’d logged in the previous days were… to put it mildly… hellacious.
A “few flakes” was my understatement. By all way, down is down. At the very least, media temples confessed to having a problem and still go above and beyond for their customers. I discovered that Media Temple’s technological support is much superior to that of any other hosting company I’ve ever worked with.

Slow godaddy hosting

GoDaddy has long been known for its domain registration and low-cost shared web hosting. While it is competent in the former, the company’s low-cost hosting packages are infamous in the industry for underperformance due to server oversubscription— that is, placing too many accounts on a single server and failing to manage customer use of server resources. This situation results in sluggish, erratic website load times, resulting in financial losses for consumers as disgruntled tourists abandon their website prematurely.
Hacked websites are also more popular among GoDaddy’s shared hosting customers than among many competitors, in my experience. Even simple HTML-only websites that are free of programming flaws are subject to intrusions and defacements. This seems to be the result of a combination of inadequate server maintenance and, once again, a lack of control of customer server use.
GoDaddy has tried to enhance its hosting services over the years, most recently by jumping on the “managed WordPress hosting” bandwagon and providing accounts that are “optimized for speed, effortless updates, and absolute reliability…designed specifically for WordPress.”

How to fix slow wordpress site on godaddy

I’ve tried this with a fresh WordPress 3.0+ installation with no active plugins, but it still happens to me: We experience 3-10 second “waiting” periods whenever the browser requests a new page/post.
It’s all GoDaddy and sluggish mysql and webservers. I’ve heard rumors that if people make a lot of noise to GoDaddy help, their speeds will increase. Do they get upgraded servers or prioritized load-balancing? It’s impossible to say.
It’s Godaddy’s fault. When we send a request for something, I believe a monkey does it manually. It will take several minutes for something to happen, whether it is a password change or anything else. Monkey is preoccupied with everything.
CloudLinux, on the other hand, is a positive thing when fair limits are set, since it ensures that abusive users cannot consume 95 percent of the server’s total computing power and RAM, but when limits are set too strictly, you can get the experience you’re getting.
I, too, use Godaddy for all of my sites and web hosting, but the php/mySQL-specific sites (wordpress, etc.) were taking an average of 8-20 seconds to load, which was unacceptable. I tried the standard troubleshooting procedures, such as disabling all plug-ins, but nothing worked.

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