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Last pages & mayor’s desserts ~ family man #10

Hello, I’m using Office 365 Business on a Mac. My understanding is that before saving a Word document, you should be able to find the last edit you made by pressing Command-5. However, pressing Shift + F5 still returns me to the beginning. We also checked at our end in the latest version of Phrase, version 16.32, and were able to locate the last edit location by pressing it. So, give it a shot by pressing Shift + F5 to see what happens before double-checking that this option is enabled.

The last page – give me motion

My personal thanks to David Ward for taking over the final preparations in the days leading up to the BBQ when I was in the UK, to Andres (our Community Manager) for coordinating the logistics of setting up tables, BBQs, lighting, etc., and to the super-cool and completely unflappable Pilar (from the Community Office) for offering not only her support but also her time to make this event a big success.
The books are then sent to the binding line, where they are covered with a mixture of hot melt and cold glue or PUR, cut on three sides with an inline triple cutter, and made ready for sale.
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I went to the last page on the workshop, and found these

And I can only think of one use case for the “Last” button: when you want to see the most expensive items after sorting results by some numeric values (e.g. price) (vs. the least expensive ones on the first page).
As a consequence, you’ll have to sort bottom to top, right to left (in pages), which is less convenient than sorting oldest to new, and then process the information as usual. However, I understand that certain people are accustomed to working on the last tab.
There’s a simple explanation for this: you want users to be aware that the amount of data they’re showing has a limit. Humans crave closure and power, and the Last button satisfies the need by marking a simple beginning and end, along with the First button.
What kind of data you’re presenting will decide whether a First or Last button acts as more than just an overview marker. The Last button won’t make much of a difference when it comes to displaying the most important search results. However, when it comes to sequential searches, such as transactions or a timeline, the user can prefer to see events in order. Not the most recent first, but the oldest first, and only going forward in time.

Kolohe kai – my last page (official audio)

You are very likely to deal with a long Word document from time to time. You can find it difficult to complete the task once and for all in such circumstances. In reality, it’s perfectly fair to complete the task several times. Finding the exact last editing place, on the other hand, can be challenging for some of you. As a result, we’ll show you three easy solutions to this problem in the text below. To learn more, continue reading.
However, there is one thing that needs to be discussed. When you use the “Find” function, you’ve probably noticed that there are many matches. As a result, you can type or insert a special symbol in the place where you want to pause, such as:
With the above three tips in mind, you can no longer be stuck in a long document without understanding where you left off the last time. However, if the text is lengthy, it is prudent to make a backup copy of it. If the word fix fails to satisfy you, you can still go back to the new version if you have a backup.

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