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Gopro studio: creating a video

The new version, which is now known as GoPro Quik or simply Quik, combines the features of both the GoPro and Quik apps in one convenient location. Users can now monitor their GoPro camera, manage its content, reframe 360 videos, and create both manual and automated edits of their clips with just one app.
This means you can simply choose your favorite images and videos, and Quik will turn them into a music-synchronized short video ready for Instagram. Of course, if you’re not pleased about what the app comes up with, you can tweak and change it.
Though the new app will be updated with new features on a regular basis, it will launch with 13 automatic edit theme templates, 47 filters, and 190 revolving music tracks. Some are fresh in this update, but the majority were carried over from the previous Quik app. Two video themes, 25 filters, and 18 music tracks from the Quik collection will be available exclusively to Quik subscribers.
Quik’s premium music albums, in particular, are all brand new royalty-free Go-Pro originals. Though GoPro has secured the rights to the other 172 tracks, Maxson cautioned that GoPro can only guarantee no issues with their 18 original tracks.

Use templates – gopro studio 2.0:gopro tips and tricks

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Get more templates – gopro studio 2.0:gopro tips and tricks

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Gopro: introducing quik™ | desktop

GoPro today revealed a full reimagining of their Namesake App, combining it with their Quik editing app to create a service that they hope will replace your camera roll regardless of camera.
In a quote, GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman said, “Quik makes it easy and enjoyable to finally make sense of the large number of images and videos we all have on our phones.” “We called it Quik because it is quick!”
GoPro defiantly proclaimed that the latest Mural feature in Quik would make it much easier to locate any still or video file with a click of a button, calling the mobile phone camera roll a “black hole issue for keeping track of your media.”
Quik’s automated video editing features are available, or users can use the app to create a short film on the fly using GoPro-curated themes, music, and titles. You can also use music that you have on your computer. It’s as easy as choosing your videos and stills, choosing a song, and pressing the publish button. Quik can then turn your media into an amusing clip by automatically beat-syncing it.

Gopro hero3: almost as epic as the hero3+

GoPro is launching a new version of its popular smartphone app, dubbed “Quik.” The new app will continue to be the primary interface for connecting to and managing GoPro cameras, but it will also include new features, such as “mural,” a private Instagram feed designed to help users organize and save their favorite photographs and videos — regardless of whether they were taken with a GoPro camera — from the “abyss of your camera roll,” according to GoPro CEO Nick Woodman.
Near observers of GoPro’s tech activities will remember that the company previously released an app called Quik in 2016, which was all about auto-editing footage to a rhythm. However, the app hasn’t been updated in a long time, and it won’t be available to download until today’s launch of the latest Quik app.
The new app, which is available on iOS and Android today, will retain the auto-editing functionality. A video editing suite (including a speed adjustment tool), themes and filters, and unrestricted original quality cloud backup of all posted to the mural feed are among the other features. For those who don’t want to pay for the new features, GoPro is charging $1.99 a month or $9.99 a year, while the basic camera link and control side of the software will remain free to use. Customers who already have a GoPro Plus subscription (which includes unrestricted cloud storage, live-streaming, and camera replacement) will be able to use Quik’s features for free.

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