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Good news: You can get rid of the drab Android lock screen—and I don’t mean by simply adding a few widgets. You can make your lock screen look all kinds of funky with the right software. We’re talking cubed tiles, minimalist circles, adorable little monsters sliding over to eat your unlock icon, and even iOS and Windows 8 clones. GO Locker, an add-on to the popular launcher replacement app GO Launcher EX, is one of the easiest lock screen replacement apps to get started with. GO Locker is free, and it comes with a number of themes that aren’t actually free but can be purchased for a small fee by using GetJar gold (more on that later). You must first download and update GO Launcher EX before you can get GO Locker.
You can get the GO Locker add-on after you’ve installed GO Launcher EX. When you first open GO Locker, you’ll see a selection of featured themes that you can purchase with money (usually about $1.99 per theme) or GetJar gold. Downloading supported apps earns GetJar gold, which is a decent way to get free themes if you have the time and patience to download (and then uninstall) random apps. You can also pay $20 for GO Locker VIP, which gives you access to all of the themes (including any new ones published in the future).

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To ensure complete privacy, disable the home button from waking up your phone. Access your message and shortcuts to machine switches and settings directly from the lock screen. To increase efficiency, clean the running apps. The best part is that you can customize different settings, such as whether or not you want to see the date and time on the computer. Other launchers, such as the ZenUI launcher, are also worth looking into.
Go Locker is an intriguing application. If you need a free app from the Personalization category for your smartphone, try GO Locker – theme & wallpaper, but you’ll need Android 4.0 or higher to install it. Download the APK file and open it with your favorite file manager, then tap on the file name to install it. If the installation does not begin, go to your Android settings and allow unknown sources. If you want to learn more about GO Locker – theme & wallpaper, you can do so by visiting the developer’s official website.

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Go Locker is a tool that, once installed, allows you to adjust the lock screen of your Android device and choose from a variety of attractive options. To use the app, you must first have GO Launcher EX installed on your computer.
The software essentially allows you to choose from a variety of different lock screens with a variety of different themes. Some have insects, while others have birds, the ocean, the beach, sleek displays, and so on.
The best part is that you can customize different parameters such as if you want to see the date and time on the screen, whether you want to see an impact when you unlock the phone, or simply whether you want to be able to unlock the phone by shaking it.
Go Locker is an intriguing tool because it significantly expands the terminal’s customization preferences, which is often useful for users who deal with it on a regular basis.
The LG G5 does not support Go Locker (850). The display is no longer operable. It’s time for a complete reboot. Dear programmers, please double-check that the software works on all mobile phones before releasing it…

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Replace your Android device’s lock screen with some of the other choices available on GO Locker. This mobile application lets you select from a number of lock screens and customize their display on your phone or tablet. The installation of GO Launcher EX is needed in order to use GO Locker. After that, you can get your hands on this tool and begin customizing your new lock screen. GO Locker’s Features The most appealing feature of GO Locker is that it helps us to personalize the lock screen of our Android device by selecting different types of sliders, effects, and so on. Download GO Locker for Android for free and customize it to your needs.

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