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You must first be registered as a member of the UDE in order to access online services (e-books, electronic journals, and databases). This authentication allows you to log in with your UDE ID (= Unikennung) and password – regardless of the computer you’re using or the program you’ve installed.
Your computer’s IP address is used for authentication. You connect to the UDE network using an optional VPN client, and your device is assigned an IP address to which access is granted.

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Free VPN services only provide the appearance of protection. They do not always use encryption or may sell the information to advertisers. A good VPN service is not only cheap, but it also ensures your safety.
If you choose the Expert tariff, you will receive a dedicated VPN server. It offers reliable, high-speed, safe Internet access. You may select only one country for a dedicated server, such as Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Poland, or France. For a single account, you can order several dedicated servers. If you want to buy VPN tariff Expert, you must first sign up for the Basic tariff’s free trial period. If you purchase the Expert tariff, you will receive the following benefits:

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A “tunnel” completely protects your data connections.

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Using a public Wi-Fi network can be dangerous because the access point’s operator can never rule out the possibility that his router has been tampered with and that the users’ data is being monitored and intercepted.

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When this occurs, all information entered while using Wi-Fi, such as credit card numbers, PINs, and TANs, falls into the hands of the criminals who tampered with the router. This risk is mitigated by using a second virtual private network, or VPN. Learn more about what a VPN is and how to order and use one here.
You may have obtained the configuration file on a CD or via a download connection. Then all you have to do is mount it, which you can do by double-clicking the mouse. The Mac will take care of the rest. Using a virtual private network (VPN) on your mobile

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From outside the university network, you can use the Faculty of Engineering’s VPN connection to access the following services. For example, from home, when traveling, or from the university’s WLAN, which is often considered an external network.
The most common cause of these errors is an out-of-date VPN client. Since the firewall’s firmware (its VPN dial-in point at the university) is modified at regular intervals to boost functionality or close security holes, it’s possible that the version of your installed client is no longer compatible with the firewall. Option 1:

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