Get picture blown up

Get picture blown up

Exposure editing – reducing blown out highlights

A throwback is something that everybody enjoys. But hang on to your horses, because we’re about to step things up a notch. Even the tiniest vintage images can become full-blown statement pieces with a little technology, ready to be printed, framed, and hung in your room with just a few clicks. We asked one of our favorite bloggers, Joni Lay from Lay Baby Lay, to demonstrate how to do it. She just blew up two of her favorite vintage photos to hang in her daughters’ room (see the transformation here), and we’re completely smitten. Here’s Joni telling us just how she did it. I want to swoon.
“Since it is the space where my mother’s grandchildren stay, I really wanted the room to say a story about her.
I know she spent a lot of her childhood riding horses and dancing; she was always telling me stories about her horses and the adventures she would go on with them.
As I was browsing through old pictures, I chose the ones that seemed to better tell those stories and that I thought would look stunning blown up to a much larger scale.
I also thought the date information on the two images above the bed added to their specialness.”

Blowing glitter & how to photograph it

These are ideal for showing blown-up images if you’re looking for a way to do so. They can be used as posters, wall art, window displays, or pretty much anywhere else where poster-sized photos are needed.
We use quality picture paper that is either high-gloss or semi-gloss. For photographs, we suggest high-gloss finishes. The semi-gloss finish is ideal for business presentations and graphs because it is less reflective. We use colorfast inks to ensure that your prints don’t fade over time. We print 1 to 50 pieces per order with a 1 business day turnaround period. That doesn’t take into account delivery times, so plan ahead!
Using our free templates to save time. Our models are set up with proper bleeds and margins, ensuring that your print job comes out perfectly. To download, choose a file form and then a size from the drop-down menu.

How i blew up my polaroids!

Breaking news: your next favorite piece of statement art is most likely in your photo library. Beautiful beach sunsets, beautiful flowers, and exciting cityscapes are all waiting for their time in the spotlight… or in your house. They may, thanks to modern technology. Cellphone cameras, believe it or not, are capable of creating outstanding images. They’re so good, in reality, that they can be blown up to enormous proportions without losing quality. That means your next mantle statement piece might be your favorite iPhone picture. We’ll break down how our friend and blogger Ro Birkey got the look to show you what we say.
Ro selected an iPhone picture from a holiday with her family. “It reminds me of a glorious day in June when my family and I went to the beach and walked by the most beautiful roses,” she says. It might be a travel picture that has been your screensaver for months, or a photo in your camera roll that you keep returning to admire.
This is the most interesting aspect.
Based on the resolution of your work, our site automatically limits the maximum size you can print it. What exactly does that imply? There’s no need to be concerned about getting a blurry, low-resolution print. Ro’s picture was fairly high-resolution, so she printed it at the largest scale possible, 26″ x 19.5″. To put things in perspective, that’s bigger than a regular 18″ x 24″ poster!

How big can you blow up an iphone photo

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