Geometry projects ideas

Geometry projects ideas

The beauty of math | geometry + pi day

A laser pointer can be used by anyone to reach a target. Can you do it with a stumbling block in your way? What about multiple challenges? Students will design and play a game in which they must direct a laser through a labyrinth of obstacles in order to reach a target. Students can measure the precise location of several mirrors to reflect the laser beam through the game board in order to maneuver a laser. Students must understand and apply different geometric principles in order to complete the game’s challenges.
The state’s non-profit Historical Society is working to preserve the state’s tradition, culture, and history. Money is required to build a museum that will exhibit objects that represent aspects of each community’s history (such as agriculture or family). At least one sample of a historical quilt square, a stained glass square, a barn quilt, or a symmetrical egg (Pysanky) will be made by your society members and displayed in the museum. Along with the artifact, you’ll plan a presentation for the fundraiser that emphasizes the design’s geometry and historical significance.

More than a worksheet: the geometry in real life project

I got my first teaching job by noting how much I enjoy project-based math learning. This isn’t a lie, but now I have to think of project ideas for my students. Pre-algebra, freshman algebra, and sophomore geometry are the subjects I teach in eighth grade. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! EDIT: Many thanks to everyone for their fantastic suggestions! In my project ideas folder, I have screenshots saved. Please keep them coming; they will almost certainly be needed at some stage! There are 14 comments. 92 percent upvoted by sharesavehidereport This discussion has been ended. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

3 low-prep geometry projects for distance learning

At our local high school, I teach a “senior seminar” course for gifted students. The students studied basic/classical algebraic geometry for six weeks. They will begin projects based on material from the course that they must present in a few weeks. The idea is that the question they must answer is challenging enough to be worth presenting, but not so complex that it goes beyond what was taught.
I should mention what they’ve learned so far in my classes. We went over affine and projective varieties (no mention of structure sheaves), regular and rational maps, projective space and its standard affine covering, Bezout’s theorem without proof, five points determine a conic, Segre and Veronese maps, singular and smooth points, blowing up a point, and basic resolution of singularities (for curves and some simple surfaces). Since their expertise in this area is minimal, I tried to avoid using abstract/commutative algebra techniques.

Maths shapes project model | maths shapes

Using equilateral triangles, build a spiral pattern! Begin with a wide triangle to construct the pattern. Then, cut out a triangle with a side equal to the height of the big triangle. Paste the triangle’s side around the larger triangle’s center, covering half of the larger triangle. To make a spiral, keep making smaller triangles with sides that match the height of the previous triangle.
Create a line drawing to combine math and art. The children use a ruler to make random lines on paper. Then they turn into polygon detectives! They paint and dissect their work in polygons of the same number of sides.
When looking for patterns in polygons, examine vertices and diagonals! Predict the number of diagonals in a triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, and octagon with your students. Form teams out of the girls. After that, make them solve the problem by drawing diagonals on the form outlines. Make sure that each diagonal is marked with a different colored marker (so they can count them). Having a teammate tally each diagonal drawn is also a good idea. Is it possible that they’ll discover a pattern?! A hexadecagon has how many diagonals?!

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