Genius hour images

Genius hour images

You get to have your own genius hour (a video for students

Each student will present their work to peers, teachers, and community members in a 3-5 minute presentation. This will be meticulously written, choreographed, and practiced in order to deliver the best performance ever! Final presentations can be delivered “online” or pre-recorded and shared with us via YouTube. Parts A and Q of the KWHLAQ map must be completed. How are you going to put what you’ve learned to good use? Is there anything else that can be done, or are there any more questions that need to be answered? You will complete a review on your final thoughts.

Genius hour project (cooking)

It’s been nearly three years since I told my students that they could use 20% of their class time to work on whatever project they were motivated to create. Since then, I’ve learned a lot from my students and our incredible group of Genius Hour and 20% time teachers. Via blog posts, video interviews, a 20% time MOOC, and, most recently, my book, Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom, I’ve attempted to share this journey, both the highs and lows.
Now, as I move forward with new ideas and seasons of work, I want to make sure that every teacher interested in implementing 20 percent time or Genius Hour with their students has a completely free resource they can use to learn how to do so.
We had an amazing community of educators coming together for the 20% Time MOOC a few summers ago. It was a summer spent learning everything there is to know about “why” we need this form of learning in our classrooms, “how” to get started with your class, and “what” to do during and after the project. The MOOC provided me with a great deal of knowledge and brought our group together in some interesting ways. Following that, a number of teachers inquired if we could have anything more concrete about 20% Time and Genius Hour. That’s when I started working on my book about the subject. This course, I believe, will be an excellent resource for any teacher who wants to get started or learn more. I also hope it becomes a go-to resource for teachers looking for a step-by-step guide to implementing 20 percent Time and Genius Hour in the classroom. Sign up for my newsletter to get even more creative classroom tools and get a free copy of the course.

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Genius Hour puts students in control, giving them the freedom to choose what they do and how they do it for a fixed amount of time each week (normally 1 hour). Although Genius Hour can seem disorganized to an outside observer, as a learning model, it can help students engage in inquiry-based, self-directed, and autonomous learning while also allowing them to express their imagination.
“Not only will your children learn from and teach each other, but you will also learn from them. I’ve learned how to make Loom Band bracelets, build an app, and play Minecraft after starting Genius Hour; I’ve memorized the lyrics to “Let it Go,” been trained on the origins of Sonic the Hedgehog… the list goes on. Enable your children to be educators by embracing Genius Hour.” – Andre Graham
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Finally, some thoughts
Genius Hour, although intimidating at first, can be a very rewarding experience for both the teacher and the students. It not only encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning, but it also allows the teacher to let go of the reins and become more of a facilitator!

Genius hour

Olympus junior high genius hour

Subjects:All SubjectsGrades:3rd to 7th

Genius hour 2021 day 5 presentations

Projects, Printables, and Posters are examples of different types of materials.

3dquorum imaging technology, powered by genius ai

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by 20% Researchable Questions Posters for Genius Hour 6FREE Genius Assist the students in coming up with good researchable questions for their Genius Hour / 20% Time / Passion Projects. These posters will aid student comprehension of the distinction between researchable and non-researchable questions. Posters are available in four color schemes.
Please ensure that you have downloaded the
English Language Arts, Critical Thinking, All Subjects
3rd – 8th grades
Printables and Posters are two different types of materials.
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by 20% Genius Hour Class Management Poster or Mimio File 8FREET GENIUS Leave this Mimio guide or printable poster up during Genius Hour time to help students and groups understand where they are in the Genius Hour phase.

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